Why Kim Jong-Eun Needs Japan

In simple terms, Koreans were slaves to the Japanese in the decades preceding the second world war. Though Kim Jong-Eun had a Japanese chef – and welcomed him back even after he left Korea for Japan – most North Koreans have never seen a Japanese person and often use the word “wicked” to describe their former slave masters.

The thing that Kim needs most is: an attack from Japan. In accordance with its status as a US vassal state, the Japanese have asked American forces for permission in shooting down North Korea's rocket. I don't see either side backing down, so it is possible that Japan may shoot down the North's rocket, thus igniting a mass of hate behind Kim Jong-Eun. This is not a conflict that can be measured in military prowess, but rather in racial hatred and history.

Make no mistake about it: North Korea is a religious cult willing to train suicide bombers. From 2003-2010, there were but a mere 1,003 suicide bombings in Iraq. How many suicide bombers does the North have? They have been studying Al-Qaeda's tactics and are far more numerous and capable. An enemy that is willing to die cannot be defeated, and religions cannot be destroyed by force; they are very often made stronger in the face of outside pressure.

The next few hours will determine if the United States is willing to stomach another prolonged guerrilla war against a religiously-blinded adversary in a far-off land.