The Twisted Logic of the Law

As I wrote in my article  -- "Gunpowder of Mass Destruction" -- on the 16th of April, the US government planned to classify gunpowder as a WMD in certain capacities. 6 days later, a patsy from Chenya who conveniently is now mute was charged with: "conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against persons and property in the United States resulting in death." As with all things in the Eric Holder justice department, one should consider carefully the nuances of the law and what the intended legal precedent is desired. And indeed, the precedent desired here is that gunpowder over a certain limit qualify as a WMD.

So, did the Tsarnaev brothers actually use a WMD? The government doesn't have to prove nor allege that. The government simply has to prove that the result was death, and once that falls into place there is proof of conspiracy to use something, making it nearly impossible for a judge to rule that there was not a conspiracy to use X resulting in death. Once the government wins the case against Tsarnaev -- which they have to -- they call tell a future judge that X amount of gunpowder was previously used to convict someone of using a WMD. And that, my friends, is the twisted logic of the law. It is not by accident, it is by design. I saw it coming a week before they handed it down.

Here is what else I see coming: the Senate will pass the amnesty law for immigrants in the US. But of course, as with all bills involving thousands of pages, there is legislation hidden in the footprints that erodes civil liberties. The passing of the bill in the Senate will be massively opposed because immigration is controversial, but the real reason for which every single American should be concerned about the bill is because it will turn the US into a veritable surveillance state. 

The Senate immigration bill calls for 100% surveillance of the borders, as well as plans for a national biometric identification system that can be used to verify the identity of any person in the United States. Furthermore, the Senate bill includes plans for tracking the exit of persons from the US. Now, this may sound good, but if you remember one of my previous articles, the Obama definition of the word border is not what you'd expect. The border of the United States extends 100 miles inland, enveloping the entire state of New Jersey and making the vast majority of Americans into "border residents." 

Now, what I'm not certain of is how the bill will do in the House, but I believe that the fact that the House is currently living a veritable Nixonian dystopia means that the bill may encounter opposition. Obama has no intentions of resigning in the event that the House impeaches him, and opposition to the immigration bill will be used by Obama's supporters to highlight racism. America is an interesting country indeed: Obama allowed 4 Americans to die in Benghazi and his defense will simply be alleging that it is a conspiracy against Hispanics, and many will believe him, because they also have no choice and it is in their best interest.

Then along comes one little fly with too much gunpowder and bang*, a nation-wide crackdown is initiated on anyone who has stockpiled ammunition. Again, this is not a fringe scenario, this is playing out right now... in reality, and Federal military commanders will be around to make sure that everyone complies. They won't even have to get authorization from the President if he's busy with Michelle, they will simply quell the "civil unrest" at their discretion.