11 Car Bombs for Baghdad

11 car bombs went off in Baghdad this past Saturday, in a coordinated series of attacks that would have crippled any city in the United States. Though no one has taken credit for the car bombings, it's apparently the work of Al-Qaeda, given the numerological modus operandi. The attacks took place 9 days after the 11th of July, and there were 11 car bombs. I find it ironic that a militant group so opposed to images, is so obsessed with the psychology of numerology.

People in the West for very long were terrified of images, of diabolical apparitions, but this was not the case in Islamic societies, as Islam was born out of a battle against paganism and images. But now we can be terrified of numbers, of patterns, and of the bomb set to take us out on that number that aligns with the stars. And all I can do is wonder at the feeling that the 260 or so high-level militants who had been sentenced to death  felt when they were broken out of their prison, just before the full moon of Ramadan. I can tell you for a fact that the full moon of Ramadan must have felt like glory, as proof of their divine purpose, and with that same divine purpose now will they begin the fight once again.

The Iraqi Interior Ministry has just today announced that the escape from Abu Ghraib was aided by guards inside of the prison, meaning that the break out was... an inside job. We don't know how deep the conspiracy goes, but I'm certain that some people will manage to point fingers at the United States. Why would the United States help 250 death-row, Al-Qaeda militants escape from the very prison made globally famous after an American torture scandal?

Well, 250 Al-Qaeda guys is more than many other Arab countries have, and their escape signals the beginning of the next phase in the American-led offensive to topple President Assad in Syria. Assad was gaining the upper-hand, thus it is now apparent that unless Iraq breaks up into separate Sunni and Shia states, that Western powers will not be able to topple him. The only way to bring down Assad is by breaking up Iraq, creating a Sunni state near his borders with a population sympathetic to the Free Syrian Army. At this point, there is no stopping the break up of Iraq; it was written in the pages of destiny the minute Bush and Rumsfeld decided to disband the largely-Sunni Iraqi army, and empower the Shia majority. The prison break at Abu Ghraib will only serve to speed up the inevitable.

The coming insurgency in Iraq will be far-worse than the previous. Conservative hawks will point fingers at Obama for a hasty pullout, for not finishing the job. But of course, leave it up to a conservative hawk to take up a job that no one wants, to lay it on top of a black guy, and then to blame him when all goes down wrong. If only the black guy wasn't in on the game too, and if only I hadn't seen this coming, then perhaps I would have been outraged.