Cold Realization: We Have to Kill the Old Generation!

Yep, they're sitting on their high chairs, judging you for smoking reefer. As they judge you for engaging in that aggressive act against your own self, they consume factory-farmed animals and plan an energy-intensive trip to some third-world slum where they will pay for the services of women in a desperate situation. Let's take for example the chief of police of small town NY [you know who you are are piece of shit scum!], who likes to go down to the Dominican Republic.
After returning from the DR, the chief went for a game of poker and started bragging about how awesome it was that he paid for all of those whores down there. The scum chief of police -- who I will make sure receives this article by email -- thinks that it is cool that he can afford to bust pussy in the Caribbean, and that he can bust fellow New Yorkers for engaging in the activities that he brags about to his cop buddies.
But such is the reality of policing in NY; the same guys who bust guys for banging hookers are traveling down to developing countries in order to take advantage of women in financially-desperate situations. The chief of police is indicative of the problem that us members of the young generation have to deal with: sick hypocrites who are collectively contributing to the destruction of the planet.
People will say that George W. Bush was the most evil man that ever lived, and they will compare him to Hitler. But I want to thank George for starting this current war against religion. Furthermore, I thank George for the fact that many people doubt who was actually behind the beginning of this war against religion. Doubt is the gasoline that will feed the flames, and we must use it to destroy anyone who promotes the old world order. As long as the old generation continues imprisoning young men for marijuana, and as long as they continue polluting the planet to the point of bringing us to extinction, so must we prepare for the eventuality that Egypt will become the entire planet, that every religious temple on this planet needs to burn in order to end the current impasse.