Alex Jones has been Ex parte Quirin-ed; To be Blamed for Terrorist Attack

The word has leaked: Obama wants Alex Jones to be tried by secret military tribunal, and discreetly executed. Preposterous? In no way, since WWII the Executive has had the power to declare suspected saboteurs to be "enemy combatants," and to secretly eliminate these saboteurs à la Michael Hastings. Obama reaffirmed this power -- Ex parte Quirin -- in his defense of indefinite detention in the NDAA act. Chris Hedges called it: "A victory for tyranny."
The Obama administration has already determined that Alex Jones is sabotaging The War on Terror, a war which Pentagon spokesmen said is to last for another couple of decades. There is one news network which continues to grow and which is constantly a thorn on the side of the establishment: Infowars. The Obama administration has cited the fact that Infowars often links to PressTV -- the Iranian news agency -- as evidence of Alex's guilt as enemy saboteur. Furthermore, Obama plans to criminalize Al-Qaeda denial in the same way that Germany has criminalized holocaust denial. In out times of war, we simply cannot have a man denying such a basic thing as the very existence of the enemy's involvement in war crimes.
Lisa Monaco, the individual set to become leader of a military junta in the event that continuity of government needs to be declared, was coordinating the events in Boston. She is also coordinating the events in Austin, Texas; Alex's hometown. A memo has recently been leaked which informs local police that a terrorist attack is imminent in Austin, and that as such DHS will greatly increase its presence in the local area. According to a source, Lisa Monaco described Alex as: "The biggest threat facing this nation. In any other age he would be in prison for sedition."
The death of Alex Jones will be the spark that plunges our nation into chaos and martial law. This coming collapse is not by accident, but by design. The fact that Alex is such a polarizing figure is why he makes such a good target. If a rebellion is seen as being sparked by him, then the media will simply label the entire rebellion as falling under his watch. Many Americans are scared of the loud Texan who talks about guns and the New World Order.
Though Obama promised to ramp down the War on Terror, the very real reality is that he has expanded it into a fully global conflict. Obama's ultimate plan is to make Al-Qaeda into an autonomous force fighting Russia and China, which it largely already is. The War on Terror will not end until Obama feels he has agitated and facilitated the global recruiting of an extremist force hell-bent on establishing eternal external hostilities not only against the United States, but also Russia and China. When that time arrives, Russia and China will be embroiled in a conflict that will drain them like the War on Terror has drained us. Only until Al-Qaeda is strong enough and determined enough to eliminate Russia and China, can we declare peace against them and pull out of the Middle East.
Before that happens, America needs to go to war establish a no-fly zone in Syria under a false pretext and arm Al-Qaeda moderate rebels. Lisa Monaco believes that Alex stands in the way of that war and that his mobilization could seriously damage the war effort, especially in light of coming revelations about Benghazi that promise to legitimize many of Alex's claims about September the 11th.
Jefferson said that the tree of liberty needed to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots; and he was right. But as is always the case with history, it is the patriots who firstly and largely shed blood. This time around promises to be no different.