Earth Approaches the Precipice of an Abyss; Fukushima Could Lead to World War III

The situation in Japan is far more dire than has been reported. For nearly two years, Fukushima has been releasing radioactivity into the Pacific, with some estimates calculating that already as many as 15,000 may have died in North America as a result. The sick, young, and elderly are the first to have their thyroids annihilated, but it may just be the case that fifteen thousand dead in North America could morph into 150 million dead worldwide.
At Fukushima, there are over 1300 fuel rods -- each weighing nearly two-thirds of a ton --that will have to be moved by human hands. One single misstep could lead to a cascading chain of events that threatens to release enough corium into the nearby Tokyo aquifer such that 40 million people will have to be evacuated from the Tokyo area. Some experts argue that Northern Japan could presently be considered uninhabitable.
The destabilization of Japan -- the world's 3rd largest economy -- threatens to plunge nearby China, Taiwan, and South Korea into a state of disarray. Simply put, the entire global economic system will be disrupted, and the biggest refugee crisis in the history of civilization will sink East Asia into a war for limited, non-irradiated resources.
Depending on the wind or ocean currents, North America could also find itself bombarded with end-of-times levels of radiation.The already-fragile American economy will be completely upended, and the Department of Homeland Security will be called in to quell food riots on the West Coast of the United States. In March of last year, Obama signed an executive order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness -- that essentially gives him the power to appropriate the food and water supply. Though most commentators speculated that this executive order would come into effect as a result of a war with Iran, a radioactive fallout on the West Coast could also set it off. Nonetheless, the increasingly-deteriorating situation in Japan will convince the American public of the dangers of Iran possessing nuclear technology, and thus the power to destroy the world.
Though only Congress has the power to declare war, Obama believes -- in the tradition of Lincoln -- that the president has the power to make, or to start a war. The now-forgotten Korean war was started at the behest of the executive, and Japan will give the Obama administration the impetus that it needs to start the long-planned war against Iran. In the American halls of power, it has already been decided that upwards of a hundred million will have to die in order to ensure the continuation of American hegemony.