My Internet Fight with a Redditor

For those of us who've kept close watch over the Bradley Manning trial, it has been known that Bradley was actually Chelsea Manning: a transgender woman. Now, it only stands to reason that in a country with as many conservative, far-right elements as the United States, that some of those elements would capitalize on Manning's condition in order to further make her disclosure of US government crimes and cover-ups into the acts of an unstable traitor.
Former Director of National Intelligence Woolsey, in a forum discussing the threat of EMP attacks, did not name Private Manning by name, but simply referred to her as a "flower power hippie," to much amusement from the audience. Some people went as far as claiming that revealing Manning's transgenderism was a smear campaign. In defense of the physically different, I wrote: "This is not a smear campaign. Ms. Manning has been transgender her whole life. It was revealed in the logs of her chats with the man who would snitch on her to the feds. We don't give a fuck, this is indeed her personal choice and we should be supportive because she gave up her freedom so that we may know more of our government's crimes."
Redditor Fap-For-Brains retorted: "his, he, him. He is a man, and always will have male DNA. Your mind is so open, your brains have fallen out. Transgenderism is a form of psychosis that should not be encouraged. There is nothing 'progressive' or 'tolerant' about it. Manning needs therapy, not 'understanding'."
I retorted: "You're making assumptions about the genetic makeup of Ms. Manning. For all we know she could have been born XXY." In response, Mr. Fap-For-Brains accused me of being an idiot, so I called him a bigot. He then said that I was a "weak-kneed liberal without portfolio." I'm not a liberal, so I informed the Honorable Brains that I was an "Abreu Libertarian."
Things escalated after that, and Mr. Brains said: "I googled Abreu libertarian, have no idea what it is. I am a Patton nationalist who believes in shooting faces first, asking questions never. Give me the info, fagit [sic.]" So, Mr. Brains doesn't believe in asking questions, he believes in preemptive violence, violence involving guns.
I then pulled a line from Commando, and told Mr. Brains: "Shooting? Be a real man and use a knife, take a look into my eyes as you reach for my chest. My name is Jose Abreu, and I live in Amsterdam. I'll meet you by Centraal Station anytime."
Mr. Brains then angrily replied: "what a loser. A-dam, huh? Let me guess-another doper loser with no direction, angry at the world for his miserable failure of a shitty life. You said earlier the Bronx, New York. Are you so stoned you can't keep your stories straight? What a sad loser asshole. Drown yourself in a canal and make the world a better place, loser." He informed me that the place where I grew up in the Bronx was a "pickle factory."

I then informed Mr. Brains: "I went from that abandoned pickle factory [in the Bronx,] where my father died young, where my mother wasn't around, and made it to Yale. After Yale I have just traveled the world, written three novels. In my 25 years, I have accomplished more than you ever will. But seriously, send me a message anytime we're in the same city, don't be a coward."
Mr. Brains then finally managed to successfully google me, and looked through my website, before responding: "what a delusional, sad little psychopath! My coworkers and I are having a blast reading your ridiculous scribblings. Did you have to google 'Yale' for the correct spelling? The only things you have written are psychopathic comments on a internet site. If we should ever meet, I will piss on your head and tell you it's raining. Get lost, loser."
I then concluded by informing Mr. Brains: "I look forward to meeting you, and thanks for promoting my site. It feeds my addiction to hate." So, I think the Reddit fight will continue. Mr. Brains will not accept transgenderism, and he wants to shoot me instead of stabbing me like a real man; he is my eternal enemy, but since he is a self-described gun-nut with a man-crush on General Patton, it stands to reason that he probably doesn't even own a passport.