The Amazing Rise of Al-Qaeda in the Sinai

It used to be that President Obama would tell us that we had Al-Qaeda on the run, that the War on Terror should end so that the 500 dormant legal provisions activated by Bush after September the 11th could finally be put back to sleep. But now we are being told to shelter in place, to flee Yemen, to flee Pakistan, and to surrender the 4th amendment. In an amazing feat of successful intelligence by our global spying apparatus, we were able to learn that the "Legion of Doom" communicates openly, very casually warning us of impending gloom.
Interestingly enough, the meeting by the Legion of Doom was in reality not a retelling of something new; it was merely a confirmation to the world that Al-Wuyashi, the main dude in Yemen, was now going to be the Deputy Director for the Conspiracy of Islamists in Al-Qaeda [CIA for short.] During that conference call organized by Al-Zawahiri in Pakistan, we also learned that Al-Qaeda in the Sinai was now officially part of the Legion.
Just yesterday, the Globe and Mail reported that Israel had conducted a drone strike on the "largely lawless" Sinai, killing 5 Al-Qaeda guys. Egyptian helicopters were seen hovering, and did not confirm reports that the drone attack was by Israel. If the followers of ousted President Morsi needed any confirmation of collaboration between Egypt and Israel, they now have it. The latest drone attack is a bigger offense to an Arab population than the drone strikes by the US. Recall how Israel was not invited to take part in the Coalition of the Willing back during the liberation of the now-fragmented states of Persian Iraq and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The Israelis were not invited because collaborating with the Israelis in a bombing campaign is the kind of thing that in the Middle East opens up Jewish blood libel and anti-semitism. A lot of that blood libel is spread by the self-victimizing Palestinians.
And indeed, had Israel not carried out that drone strike, Al-Qaeda would have fired rockets, opening up a new front in Israel's war against rocket-launchers. However, we can be certain that the front has indeed already been opened. If the Muslim Brotherhood was a largely rational player, that can no longer be the case. With the latest drone strike, Al-Qaeda in the Sinai lost 5 persons, but gained dozens of new recruits. The pool of disgruntled former Muslim Brotherhood followers is massive, thus creating fertile ground for two groups with a common foe to come together. If all goes according to plan for the CIA, the Muslim Brotherhood will begin supporting and applauding Al-Qaeda's fight against the Egyptian military.