The Coldest Extremities

If you were expecting an article about how cold The Netherlands is and how crazy windy and rainy parts of Amsterdam are, then you'd be partly wrong [idiot!] This article centers around a woman dating a man who has extremely cold hands and feet. The man attributes everything to the fact that his father got taken down by a stroke, but he has not sought an expert medical opinion. Nonetheless, it's painful for him to walk around in winter, regardless of how good his gloves are; the cold will make him experience pain in his fingers for sure.

Me: "So, what's it like in winter when he jumps into bed after smoking on the balcony?"
W: "It's fucking cold."

Me: "What is fucking cold?"
W: "His body, but mainly his feet."

Me: "How does it feel when he places his feet on you?"
W: "In the winter time?"

Me: "Yes."
W: "It's just freezing cold!"

Me: "Do you think that affects cuddling?"
W: "Yes. And it's even worse that he keeps his socks on."

Me: "You're telling me that this man sleeps with his socks on during winter and that it's still fucking freezing when they touch you?"
W: "Yes, and he's not also wearing socks when we are sleeping, he's also wearing socks when we're having sex."

Me: "And how does him keeping his socks on during sex affect you?"
W: "It's just unromantic!"

Me: "Is there a possibility that he could wear sexy socks, like that sexy Borat bikini?"
W: "*laughs. I don't think that there's such a thing as sexy socks, but he could wear more sexy underwear."

Me: "He wears his underwear during sex?"
W: "Yes, because there's such a big hole in them that he doesn't have to take them off."

Me: "Now, you're a fashion expert, how can you put up with this?"
W: "Because I just look at someone on the inside and not on the outside. Beauty is on the inside."

Me: "So he doesn't also have like a super hot face and is super good at penetration?"
W: "*laughs. You seriously want me to answer that question!?... No comment."

Me: "And what  do his feet feel like in summer, does he still wear socks then?"
W: "When it's real warm like now [28c/82f] he dares to take his socks off. This is a considered a heatwave here," she further adds to clarify. "The feet feel like a refreshing... I cannot find the right word at the moment. They feel like refreshing ice cubes, Popsicles."

Me: "So, what tortures you in winter refreshes you in summer?"
W: "Yes. It's like looking for that cold part of your bed you haven't warmed up, so I hug the feet, or the body."

Me: "Does that mean you don't need air conditioning?"
W: "No, he's cooling me enough."
The man and the woman then proceeded to have sex in an adjacent room, just within earshot of me. The sex lasted a good 20 minutes, vibrators were employed, wild orgasms were heard, and panting ensued. After a few minutes of relaxation, both emerged; she was sweaty and ready for a shower. He looked relaxed, but there was sweat and lube all over his genital area, confusing whether it was his sweat, or her lubricated excretions. I felt the man's feet, and they were indeed still frigid cold. She appeared hot all over.