600,000 AK-47 Magazines for Syria

Three weeks before Syria's Assad was accused of using chemical weapons against his own people, the US Army placed a solicitation for the purchase of 600,000 AK-47 magazines. AK-47 rounds are not used by US or NATO forces, so it only stands to reason that they were from the beginning intended for export purposes. Yesterday, we learned that President Obama is waiving sections 40 and 40A of the Arms Export Control Act, and plans to arm "vetted" rebel groups.
The nearly 600,000 magazines, if fully loaded, could provide enough ammunition for the 100,000 or so rebels to wage a half-year offensive against the Syrian government that will dwarf Bush's surge in Iraq. Obama waiving the Arms Export Control Act is essentially a surge, a repetition of history that promises to increase the bloodshed in Syria by several factors.
Though the US doesn't have "boots on the ground," enough US assets are partaking in the civil war such that we could classify this as a proxy war, and America's intent is becoming apparent. As Henry Kissinger said, there are only three possibilities at this stage: an Assad victory, a rebel victory, or the partition of Syria. Just today, Russia Today announced that the United Nations Security Council resolution on Syria won't allow the use of force.
It's becoming increasingly clear that the world is massively opposed to another American intervention in the internal affairs of a Middle Eastern country. We are in essence picking sides in a battle between demons, and the demon we support is the same one that according to most reliable sources attacked us on September the 11th. If Assad should lose completely, the civil war won't end, it will simply morph into a battle between "moderate" rebel groups and hardline Islamists seeking to break Iraq and Syria apart for the purposes of creating an Islamic state.
No matter how much support we may be able to provide to the victorious rebels, we will not be able to help the moderates defeat their religious counterparts. Obama's actions yesterday set the stage for a second civil war in the Levant, one which will decimate Syria's population even further. One thing is certain: this war has no end in sight; our military planners recognize that.