Bush Confesses, Claims Motivated by Mos Def

12 years after the attacks of September the 11th, George W. Bush has issued a confession; "I knew that shit was gonna go down, and I let it go down. Dick and Rummie took care of the rest," wrote the former commander-in-chief in an email to Abreu Report.
"I thought I was gonna get away with it, but since Kenya [sic] West called me a racist and then Mos Def started rapping out against me, I just began to lose it," further added former President Bush. "I thought I had to sacrifice America, set us once against on a path to global justice, and for me to learn that Kenya was calling me a racist, that was too hard. I really tried to help with the AIDS situation over there in Africa, it's one of the hallmarks of my presidency, you should visit the George W libary [sic]... I even visited Kenya. And in the end, you know what, without me a black guy would have been unelectable. What if my plan all along was to have a disastrous presidency with so many usurpation's [sic] of power, that the world would only trust America if it changed colors? So, not only did I help with AIDS in Africa, I also got a black guy elected to the White House... me! Even if I'm hanged for killing 3,000 Americans, just think of how I contributed to destroying the myth of white supremacy. And that black guy who got elected has plans of legalizing 11 million Latinos. I'm not a racist, objective historians in the future will argue that!!!"