The Longest Rescue Mission

Obama has recently asked the Pentagon to pick more targets to strike in Syria. According to the New York Times: "the strikes would be aimed not at the chemical stockpiles themselves — risking a potential catastrophe — but rather the military units that have stored and prepared the chemical weapons and carried the attacks against Syrian rebels, as well as the headquarters overseeing the effort, and the rockets and artillery that have launched the attacks, military officials said Thursday."
The same intelligence agencies that determined that Assad used chemical weapons will now be tasked with selecting the military units that were responsible for doing so, and the commander-in-chief will obliterate those units from the face of the earth. To accomplish this obliteration, the Pentagon will carry out air incursions using French and American aircraft. At the same time that the Pentagon's spokesman announced that planes would cross into Syrian airspace, the Russians announced that they were sending a warship with "special cargo" to Syria.
Earlier, Putin had stated that he plans to send the S-400 and the S-500 air defense missile complexes to Syria in the event that the Kremlin considers that international law is being violated. The war resolution against Syria -- recently passed by a Senate committee -- has been illustriously described as: "having loopholes large enough to drive a Humvee through it." Putin sees the Senate Committee's resolution as a violation of international law, and he plans to supply the Syrians with his most advanced weaponry. We are at a stage that resembles the 1982 invasion of Lebanon by Israel. Israeli and American technology was at-the-time able to obliterate Soviet technology; an obliteration that led to Glasnost and the fall of the USSR. 
In 1991, Israeli ambassador to the United States David Ivry met with a Czech general who helped him understand that: "the Bekaa Valley air war made the Soviets understand that Western technology was superior to theirs, and in this Czech general's view, the blow to the Bekaa Valley SAMs was part of the cascade of events leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union."
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee's resolution restrains the executive branch by stating that it: "does not authorize the use of the United States Armed Forces on the ground in Syria for the purpose of combat operations," but considering that leveling a country is no longer defined as combat, I think it's not outlandish to say that we have entered Orwellian times of Doublespeak. American planes will be shot down, of that there is no doubt. An invasion of Syria promises to be our 1982.