The United States Army Chimera Division

In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan feared that a Soviet assassination plan resulting in the death of the president and vice-president would facilitate a communist take-over of the nation. To prevent a communist takeover in the event of a dual-assassination, President Reagan issued a secret executive order calling for the United States to come under command of an elite-squad led by genetically-engineered operatives.
In an ominously named article -- Take Your Paws off the Presidency! -- Slate reported: "Reagan amended the process for speed and clarity … without informing Congress that it had been sidestepped. We don't know how. But if the order bypasses the speaker [of the House of Representatives] and the Senate president pro tempore in favor of an official in the executive branch, we have a recipe for a constitutional crisis."
Half-man, half-eagle
Who is the mystery official in the executive branch that would gain control of the United States in the event that the president and VP are disposed of through kinetic means? We don't know for certain, but some speculate that it would be Secretary of Defense Hagel, who was himself genetically-engineered before birth and infused with eagle DNA.
In the same Slate article asking for "paws" to be removed from the presidency, it is made clear that Secretary of Defense Hagel could claim that he is in command because of Reagan's secret executive order. In the event that Hagel should claim command, and if the Congress contradicts him: "it would be the military that would call the shots. "
Earlier this year, the Pentagon effectively effectuated a military coup when it issued a memo declaring that "Federal Military Commanders" could take command of territory in the United States in the event that the president cannot be reached. In essence, the stage has been set, and a genetically-engineered tyrant will come to power through an engineered crisis, and he will remain in eternal power through an engineered state of perpetual emergency.
Historians will compare the chimera takeover of the United States to the takeover of Rome by the Praetorian guard, and they will be correct. We now stand at a point in history that will rival the murder of Emperor Pertinax in 193. Emperor Pertinax was murdered by the Praetorian Guard, during a tumultuous period that threatened to destabilize the empire.