Next American Revolution Could Begin in Gilberton, Pennsylvania

On the 11th of this month, a massive caravan of trucks plan to shut down Washington, DC. The day before DC is crippled, a large contingent of truckers will also gather in Gilberton, Pennsylvania. The organizers of Ride for the Constitution released a statement claiming, "Since they have expressed their desire for war upon our people, we say: 'Let It Begin In Gilberton!'"
As I have previously reported, Mark Kessler is the leader of the Constitutional Security Force. Though The Constitutional Security Force does not describe itself as a militia, they are primarily united under the core belief that the United States government is at war with the American people, and that the main escalation of that war will begin with the disarmament of the people; the usurpation of the 2nd amendment. Though Kessler is no longer the chief of police of Gilberton, he still remains the leader of the CSF.
Though he may have been accused of strip searching a councilman who opposed him, Kessler's no rougher than Joe Arpaio -- Arizona's most hated sheriff. What makes Kessler controversial is that he sticks to the belief that the second amendment cannot be violated by the government, and also because of the private militia he commands. The backing that Kessler has received from the organizers of Ride for the Constitution promises to swell his ranks, and make him a figure who can potentially nullify laws simply by the sheer firepower that he has behind him.  
Though most Americans are completely unaware, the US is one single spark away from another civil war. If the shutdown should continue, the US will default on its debt. The US has never defaulted, and it could lead to catastrophic consequences for the US economy. With an armed insurrection at home, a crumbling economy, and a collapsing empire, the United States faces the very real possibility of  blowing itself up.
During the Civil War, half a million Americans died. The number this time around promises to be much higher, especially considering that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased nearly 2 billion hollow point rounds. Hollow point rounds are banned under international laws of war, but they can be used domestically to kill more efficiently. Just recently, a mentally disturbed women was executed for driving erratically, proving that DC is on edge. If everything goes according to plan, soon we will no longer have a republic, but "Enduring Constitutional Government."