Geert Wilders, Man Who Prevented Arabization of The Netherlands, Dead at 95

Wilders during his prime.
Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who dedicated his life to preventing the Arabization of The Netherlands, died in a car accident this morning. Police have yet to release the cause of the accident, but it appears that a drunk Moroccan driving on the wrong side of the road caused Wilders' death.

As of this afternoon, riots have broken out across the Netherlands; angry Dutch men and women marched into Moroccan strongholds, smashed window storefronts to smithereens, overturned cars, and set fire to tires all the while chanting: "fewer, fewer, fewer!"

One female participant of a riot in Gouda -- where almost half of Moroccans have had involvement with the police -- told Abreu Report: "We will miss our dear Wilders, who courageously risked his life to tell the truth about the criminal Moroccans destroying Dutch society from within. His actions saved us!"

Geert Wilders, born in the south of the Netherlands to a Catholic family of former Indonesian colonials, dedicated his life to fighting the brutality of Moroccans in the Netherlands, who he claimed were: "Using incremental numbers to turn the Netherlands into a suburb of Fez."

Wilders rode a wave of popular support and passed sweeping laws which: stripped Moroccans convicted of an offense of Dutch citizenship; took welfare away from anyone not playing by the principles of Dutch society; restored border control powers to the government of the Netherlands; among others. These sweeping laws prevented the economic decline of the Netherlands, mostly because they kept the country safe, thereby attracting top immigrant talent and discouraging emigration.

Nathan Kaasman, a professor of European history at the University of Amsterdam, proclaimed: "Geert Wilders dedicated the bulk of his life to preventing what in the early 20teens seemed like an inevitability: the Arabization of the Netherlands. By 2016, The Netherlands was overrun with crime and the welfare system was on the verge of collapse. Wilders had predicted what many couldn't accept, and eventually his support grew exponentially, leading him to assume absolute power and enacting policies which boosted the birthrate among Dutch natives, increased exports, and made The Netherlands a much more liveable society. I personally believe that Wilders prevented a civil war, his life was a testament to dedication in the right direction."

Police watch helplessly as their city burns.

Despite his success in making The Netherlands an integrated society full of like-minded individuals, many outsiders have criticized his policies of forced integration, which made it difficult for anyone who didn't pass an assimilation test to remain in country. The test was criticized by Arthur Brockston of the National Explorer in Alabama, who said it was reminiscent of literacy tests during the Jim Crow era which made it impossible for most African Americans to vote.

Despite outside criticism, the 2020s saw under Wilders an era of growth and stability which turned the country into an oasis of wealth. "He was a polemic man, but he was the man we needed to fix the problems of Dutch society," said Diana, a college student rioting in Gouda who refused to give her last name.