Kátia Abreu, Brazil's "Chainsaw Lady," Denounces "Farm-invading Natives"

In heated speeches on the floor of the Brazilian Senate, Brazil's globally-infamous anti-environmentalist, Kátia Abreu, has denounced "land-stealing Native Brazilians," and decried the "injustice" befalling thousands of "non-Native Brazilians."

Senator Abreu -- who has in the past been accused of nepotism for helping her then-27-year-old son win a seat in the Chamber of Deputies in a manner that was described as a "bath of cold water" for the young Deputy Abreu -- today made the Guardian for her wanton disregard for Amazon deforestation. The Guardian describes her as a person who is "rapidly becoming the country's most interesting, important -- and dangerous -- politician." A deeper look into her speeches on the floor of the Brazilian Senate prove just how true The Guardian's words ring.

In a flawlessly uninterrupted and agitated Portuguese, Senator Abreu has made a habit of naming in quick succession different Brazilian states and areas where "Native Brazilians" have been breaking the only bond which according to her unites all citizens: "the law." In Senator Abreu's world, people are not united by common interests of social progress, humanity, or environmental sustainability, but only the law as written by those who have had the privilege of inheriting a large estate in their 20s [Senator Abreu's husband died suddenly, leaving her everything.]

Cacique Babau: suspected of murdering a farmer
Senator Abreu accuses Funai -- the government agency responsible for protecting the rights of Native Brazilians -- of orchestrating a villainous campaign which has created "judicial insecurity" among medium and small farm owners.

One figure which both Questão Indígena -- a Brazilian blog which tracks Native "criminals and fakes" -- and Senator Abreu have criticized is: Cacique (chief) Babau.

Back in March, Senator Abreu accused Chief Babau of being a "phony" and a "gossip." Questão Indígena accuses Cacique Babau of being a militia leader of African descent who merely pretends to be Native Brazilian.

Cacique Babau is essentially the incarnation of Senator Abreu's existential fears; a dangerous enemy of questionable ethnicity who is hardheadedly standing in the way of progress and social greatness. Kátia's words are music to nationalist ears, and she has many convinced that her mission is righteous.