Dutch Politician: Muslim Dual-Citizens Must Sign Anti-Sharia Statement

Yesterday, the Council of Ministers published the Dutch government's plans for the coming year, and today, during debate over the coming year's plans, Geert Wilders proposed that all individuals who live in The Netherlands and possess a passport from an Islamic country, should be mandated to sign an anti-Sharia statement.

Wilders wants all Muslims to sign a pledge promising to make no attempts to introduce Sharia law in the country and that they distance themselves from violent passages in the Koran. Wilders proclaimed that Sharia is hate and that it has no place in Dutch democracy. Wilders further asked that the Koran be removed from the Second Chamber.

According to Wilders, the Koran needs to be removed from the Second Chamber because it is being used by the Islamic State, who has declared war on the West; To "A declaration of war, a license to kill," he compared the book.

His statement comes weeks after starting a chant calling for "fewer! fewer!" Moroccans in the country. The government is unlikely to accept Wilders' proposals; the only guarantee is that he will continue to alienate moderate Muslims, furthering the rift between the country's one million Muslims and the native majority.