Footage Missing from Brutal Police Beating Endured by Moroccan Man in the Netherlands

"So you see clearly that I tell the receptionist that I'm scared, that there is a motorcycle cop coming anytime soon."
Officer barges into lobby and brutalizes Moustapha
It's open season on brown men in the Netherlands!

Another incident of police brutality, this time so blatant that the officer even barged into a lobby full of security cameras and carried out his barbaric attack in plain sight.

Moustapha Sealiti's story starts with a minor collision that would have been a small nuisance for the typical white person. Moustapha was the victim of a rear-end collision and he tried, as is his legal right, to request that the offending driver provide his insurance information, and that the police accept an affidavit.

The motorcycle agent attending the scene decided he wouldn't have any of it, and instead screamed: "kut Marokkaans!" (you cunt Moroccan!) "just take the license plate number and go!"

Moustapha suffered a broken wrist
Moustapha decided to proceed to the nearest police station to give a complaint, but he was followed by the motorcycle agent. Once the motorcycle agent realized Moustapha was going to give an affidavit, he became "animalistically" enraged and angrily followed him. Moustapha fled for his safety inside of the police station, but his safety was short-lived, as he endured a brutal beating which resulted in a broken wrist and severe injuries to his back.

Moustapha's story is not unique. Just last month, Amir [not real name] was involved in a bicycle accident. Amir suffered a dislocated shoulder and wanted to file a complaint against the Dutch woman responsible for his injuries. The motorcycle agent who first arrived at the scene told Amir that he should just write down the license plate number and "go!"

Amir complied, out of fear, and proceeded to the hospital. "I rode myself to the sick house, and they relocated my shoulder, but then I went to the police station and they told me I couldn't file a police report because I only had a license plate number and didn't have the insurance information."

Mr. Sealiti's lawyer, Gerald Roethof, has put in motion Article 12 proceedings to denounce the human
rights violation endured by his client. There are human rights abuses in the Netherlands, and brown men are predominantly the ones facing the brunt of the abuse, often being denied even the basic right to file an affidavit.

In a manner reminiscent of The Wire, police in the Netherlands actively work to discourage individuals from filing criminal complaints. In essence, the country maintains a low crime rate because all the immigrants are too afraid to report crimes.