Grand-motherfucking in da ‘Hood

I was 22, she was 33, but she had like 7 kids. Like 90% of the women I bag, I met her on Instagram. Her grandkid had just been born, I guess she must have had her first kid at a young age. She was nice enough to always keep all 7 of them away at daycare when she invited me over, so I was able to enjoy tremendous privacy at her place, more so than I enjoy at my own house.

Things got intense, naturally, and I spent three weeks in a row hanging out at her crib, she was calling me like 5 times a day. But eventually it just started getting annoying, she was too hooked on the dick. In fact, she was calling me so much that that’s part of the reason why I had to leave her.

Nonetheless, it was hard to leave her, that pussy was so fucking tight! I can’t believe 7 kids came out that snatch, I couldn’t last longer than 5 minutes during the first round. But goddamn, I was still fucking her for over an hour a day!

She was half-Dominican, half-Puerto Rican, just had this tight-ass little body you could squeeze curves around, I just couldn’t stop hitting it.

Besides the whole calling me 5 times a day thing, it was just so fucking awkward when I went over and she was just about to send her granddaughter out. I was cumming in the pussy like 4 times a day, so I just started getting worried, I told her, “I’m just a kid, don’t trap me!”

After that, things just kinda faded, we stopped talking, but not a day goes by that I don’t think back to that pussy. I didn’t get much ass, my dick is too big and her ass was too tight and we didn’t have lube, but I also always think about that ass. ¡Diablo, que culo tenia esa abuelita!

By: Chubby Abreu