Caribbean Community Turns its back on Haitian Refugees

Ever since that charlatan Ralph Gonsalves -- one of the biggest demagogues the 21st century has produced -- began systematically attacking the Dominican Republic on every front, blackmail has become an international art for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and its cronies.

Gonsalves has made it his life mission to help CARICOM put into motion its 30-year plan: "The decision has been nearly 30 years in the making according to St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves. Gonsalves has been a steadfast campaigner for the cause. For the past few months, he has been lobbying Caricom heads of government to put reparations on their agenda." 

As reported by the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, the oldest newspaper in Trinidad & Tobago, Gonsalves was determined in seeking "reparations for slavery and the genocide of native peoples from European countries."

Ricardo Stuckert/PR
Gonsalves is a white Caribbean who stood by as the Bahamas deported black Haitians en masse, in what has been described by some observers as the "worst relocation of peoples in the Caribbean in the 21st century." 

The New York Times reported in January of this year: "Since the policy took effect Nov. 1, children born in the Bahamas have been deported with their parents, and others with Haitian-sounding names have been pulled from school classrooms, human rights observers said. The government acknowledges that even Bahamian citizens with French surnames are frequently arrested by mistake. In September alone, 241 Haitians were deported, according to government figures."

The Bahamas is a member of CARICOM, the very same racket of which Gonsalves is the chief manipulator, but nothing has been done to prevent the current catastrophe in the Bahamas. Worst, sadly, was the barbarity over which Gonsalves presided in Turks & Caicos. 

TCI Affairs
Turks & Caicos is located between Haiti and the Bahamas. In one single day of March this year, authorities captured 115 Haitians on a rickety dinghy and promptly deported them. Turks & Caicos has become a virtual drone police state, and the Minister of Immigration, DonHue Gardiner, has publicly demanded on national radio and in the legislature that "local police and private citizens must hunt down and capture all and every illegal Haitian migrant and must do everything in their power to make the Haitians’ lives 'unbearable.'" 

I've been publishing articles for quite a long time, and never have I had to worry about answering questions before the police. Nonetheless, since I started writing about CARICOM, I find myself censored by Liveleak, the same British company that allowed the Dutch anti-Muslim campaigner Geert Wilders to publish his video masterpiece. All of a sudden I find myself summoned to answer questions before the Dutch authorities.

CARICOM is composed of former Dutch and British colonies, and the level of pressure one group is able to exert over the other makes them essentially co-parasitic entities. One thing is certain: there are dark forces executing their agenda behind the scenes, and it doesn't matter how many Haitians and Dominicans get squashed by the machinery of "progress."