President of Dominican Party Warns of "Diabolical Conspiracy" Implicating US Ambassador

Marino Vinicio Castillo. FNP
Speaking at the National Library of the Dominican Republic, Marino Vinicio Castillo, the leader of the National Progressive Force -- the main conservative party -- warned that there existed in the Dominican Republic a "diabolical conspiracy" on behalf of international powers to unify the nation with Haiti.

Mr. Castillo's comments come shortly after Abreu Report research on Wikileaks revealed that members of the ruling-party -- with which Mr. Castillo's party until recently formed a coalition -- took a harsh tone in private against his son, Pelegrin Castillo. In private conversations with US embassy officials, members of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) called Pelegrin a "nut," even conspiring to secretly fund a study against a law proposed by him.

That law, 66-07, clarified that the Dominican Republic is an archipelagic nation and clearly demarcated the country's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ.) The United Stated and the United Kingdom took issue with law 66-07 because some waters overlapped with Puerto Rico and Turks & Caicos; both US and UK possessions, respectively. 

The fact that the Chief of Staff of the Dominican Foreign Ministry was willing to agree without the knowledge of Congress to seek to deconstruct the borders which the people's elected representatives determined proves the fact that Dominican politics are largely at the mercy of US whims.

Cardinal López. WKM
In his speech at the National Library, Mr. Castillo said that "foreign powers" had inserted themselves into Dominican politics, and were actively working against the island-nation's sovereignty. Mr. Castillo's speech also coincided with the Vatican's announcement that the Cardinal of Santo Domingo, Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez -- who has taken a harsh, at-times-offensive line against the US Ambassador -- was being replaced. 

Mr. Castillo castigated the US Ambassador, saying that he was a "pawn" of foreign powers seeking to unite the island. Mr. Castillo did not specify which nations are seeking the unification of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, but he added that the US Ambassador was part of a group seeking to facilitate the immigration of 2 million Haitians into the Dominican Republic. 

Mr. Castillo alleged to have seen plans involving the construction of schools and hospitals to facilitate this mass migration, which he believes will be used by the international conspirators and their enablers in government to eliminate Dominican nationality.