The Rape Crisis Europe's Far-Right Parties Want to Ignore

Camps for migrants?
Right wing parties in Europe today are spreading one undeniable truth: there is systemic rape taking place on the continent. While most eyes are on the two women who were penetrated and the dozens of others who were subjected to aggravated harassment during New Year's festivities in Cologne, Germany, almost no attention is being paid to the invisible refugee women who are being raped on a daily basis. Unlike their European counterparts, most of these women are helpless when it comes to reporting their oppressors.

In 2013, before the current refugee crisis became a cause for European alarm, one of Abreu Report's writers was the victim of a break-in and his US passport was stolen. The passport was illegally being held by an Iraqi national who later demanded money in return for the US government property. Selling US government property -- or unlawfully adding a value and asking for financial remuneration -- is a crime called conversion of government property, and carries up to 10 years imprisonment in a federal penitentiary.

In the event that an individual is charged with conversion of govt. property, so serious is the charge that the state does not even need to prove that an individual was aware that he was selling government property, even if he thought he was dealing with "abandoned" property. Our writer's most personal document and most important space, his home, had been violated. Our writer went to the police station, but he was prevented from giving an affidavit.

Our writer sent e-mails to multiple members of the US Senate, filed complaints with police Internal Affairs, but no one was punished, and the individuals who prevented him from reporting the crimes against him are still acting with impunity.

We already know that European police departments routinely cook the books, even throwing away accusations made by rape victims, but it gets worse. Last year, Abreu Report wrote about the rape of an undocumented immigrant here in the Netherlands who could not go to the police... because he was raped by the police.

These are not isolated incidents that our writer was subjected to, nor is it an isolated incident that the Police Chief of Cologne covered-up rape, and it is also not an isolated incident for the Swedish police to hide mass sexual assault.

Think about it: our writer is a man with a Yale degree who speaks English and multiple other languages; if the police were willing to cook the stats right to his face, what would they be willing to do to a Muslim woman?  If white police officers are willing to hide the rape of a white, female citizen, then a female, Muslim, and undocumented victim has almost no chance of overcoming the language, cultural and bureaucratic barriers purposefully placed against her.

In the same way that Daniel Holtzclaw was using his badge and uniform to rape black women in Oklahoma with impunity, only being caught when he deviated from routine, so are white, European cops systematically raping undocumented Muslim women.