Avishai Harel was Murdered to Cover up Bioweapons Flow

Avishai Harel, a native of Israel, was much beloved in the Dominican Republic, and his death dealt a great blow to journalism on the island. During his time living in the Dominican Republic, Mr. Harel founded Dominican Today, the largest English-language publication on the island, and also "cultivated strong, successful relationships with a select group of people in business." 

It was through these carefully managed relationships that he was able to grow one of the most successful business and media empires in the Caribbean region.

Dominican soldiers promise to defend the motherland at all cost.
It also was through the cultivation of media and business contacts that Mr. Harel first became aware of the horrifying reality that the Israeli government was selling biological weapons to the Dominican government in contravention of the United Nations Biological Weapons Convention, to which the Dominican Republic is signatory. 

The United Nations Biological Weapons Convention has been flagrantly violated by the Dominican government, almost as much as the Convention on the Rights of the Child, with underage labor rife in the country's agricultural sector.

Part of the reason why Mr. Harel moved to the Dominican Republic is because he sought to escape the problems of the Middle East, and when he discovered that those problems were being imported clandestinely by a nefarious, renegade unit within the Dominican military, he started researching and investigating to which levels of government the conspiracy reached, and if the Dominican President was even kept operationally aware.

Before he could complete his research and investigation, Mr. Harel fell victim to one of the very deadly weapons he was investigating.

According to a source within the Dominican military, the country's scientists, with help from Taiwan and Israel, have developed a colorless, odorless gas that can deployed over an entire city. This gas, referred to as QS37 in a classified document, can cause rapid-onset, terminal lung cancer. 

Abreu Report speculates that QS stands for "Quisqueya Solution" and that the 37 is a reference to a massacre committed by Dominican forces against Haitians in 1937. According to Dominican Today, Avishai Harel died of lung cancer, but he wasn't a smoker.

In all likelihood, Mr. Harel was silenced by either the Israeli government, or elements within the Dominican military. No target is too high-profile, and this very article could get one of our editors killed, but here at Abreu Report we won't back down. We won't allow the eugenicist agenda to emerge from the caverns of darkness!