Brazilian Magazine: "Police Conspiracy" to Overthrow Government

CartaCapital, one of the largest-circulation weekly magazines in Brazil, is reporting on the increasingly terrifying state of affairs in the South American nation, where many fear the police forces are on the verge of carrying out a coup against the democratically-elected government of Dilma Rouseff. 

Brazil, which is currently in the middle of a health crisis that has put its healthcare system on life support, has been previously subjected to coups and martial law during emergencies that threaten the stability of the Republic or the interests of the United States. This time around, it seems that a broken health care system will be a weapon of genocide in the hybrid warfare being against against humanity by the global elite.

According to CartaCapital, the United States was actively involved in fomenting and supporting the continuation of the previous military dictatorship which choked the life and freedom of countless Brazilians during the 1960s and 70s, and that, much like in the past, there are shadowy American business interests behind the scenes. 

This time around the main conspirators in Texas aren't the Bushes, but the Belgian company Astra Oil, who allegedly paid 15 million dollars in bribes to over-inflate the price of a dilapidated refinery sold to Petrobras. As the facts came to light, the list of names associated with shady Petrobras deals began to stretch back to the administration of President Henrique Cardoso in 2000 and continued on through the administration of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and current President Dilma Rousseff. So far, a staggering number of Brazilian politicians have been implicated in the Petrobras scandal.

The revelations in the Petrobras investigation shed light on a massive conspiracy by the country's political elite to dole out corrupt contracts, very much like the ones granted to companies like Monsanto and Oxitec in the large South American nation.

The country's political and financial elite currently embroiled in the middle of this giant criminal conspiracy investigation by the Brazilian Federal Police -- known as "Operation Carwash" -- are growing increasingly desperate with each passing day. Just last month, Nestor Cerveró, the former director of Petrobras, the semi-state-owned energy conglomerate, claimed that former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva gave him his position as part of a political favor. 

Future Supreme Minister of Brazil?
According to CartaCapital, the Federal Police is not trained in war, but rather in the type of conflict where "calm water destroys bridges." To wage this "calm water" conflict, the Federal Police selectively releases secret information to the media, as was the case of the allegation by Nestor Cerveró that President Lula provided him with a political "favor" in granting him charge of Petrobras.

The leaking of classified information for political purposes, writes CartaCapital, is usually carried out with the tacit approval of Brazil's current Justice Minister, José Eduardo Cardozo. 

According to Brazilian perception, Minister Cardozo is seen as a character who speaks a lot while saying nothing, speaking even over President Rousseff and the Worker's Party, of which they are both members. 

It's believed that he wants to take the helm of the party and it is also suspected that the Federal Police, with support of Minister Cardozo, are at the very least destabilizing the Worker's Party to further their conspiratorial agenda.

On former President Lula's birthday last year, Brazilian police arrested his son, in a move meant to send a clear message that the balance of power had shifted in Brazil, and with President Rousseff currently facing the prospect of impeachment, the probability grows increasingly likely that the Republic will be plunge into a constitutional crisis that will see the rise not of a military dictatorship, but of a veritable federal, eugenicist police state where arrests are timed for maximum political effect, and where allegations against an individual are "leaked" in order to destroy him using "calm water."

One thing is certain, there's a massive conspiracy underway, with Brasil 24/7 reporting that the judiciary has made absolutely no attempts to stop the leaking of confidential information by the Federal Police and others. The situation is so serious that the Federal Police is leaking recordings by politicians, some which are allegedly of a fraudulent nature

The largest nation in South America had high hopes for its young democracy, but those hopes seem to be on the verge of being quashed by the oppressive boot of a police state that covets the shadows of secrecy and conspiratorial treachery.

Minister Cardozo has in the past told the large-circulation daily O Globo that espionage against Brazil by the United States National Security Agency was an attack on his country, menacingly saying: "We are dealing with an inadmissible, unacceptable situation.. It is something that Brazilians cannot accept peacefully."

Minister Cardozo's words were perhaps some of the heaviest used by a foreign official, and it's clear that he is trying to project the image of a leader not afraid to break the peace. Minister Cardozo has been planning this for a while, and shortly after taking office hired close to 3,000 more Federal Police officers; individuals completely loyal and newly indoctrinated to engage in what more than 100 lawyers in a letter published in the three major Brazilian newspapers last month describe as a "neo-inquisition."

In the middle of this inquisition, the Brazilian government has allowed panic to flourish in regards to the Zika virus. There have been reports in the Brazilian media that Minister Cardozo has craftily plotted to worsen the Zika crisis in order to aid his overthrow of the government and subsequently install by force a eugenicist dictatorship backed by Bill Gates.  

The wheels of the conspiratorial machine are already spinning, and the future promises to bring down not just a large cohort of elites, but the entire Brazilian Republic.