CIA Source: ISIS Wants to Kill One Foreigner per Month in Bangladesh to Destabilize Government

Foreigner in sight
According to a source in the CIA, the Islamic State wants to turn Bangladesh into a failed state, and to accomplish this, the group hopes to kill one foreigner per month.

Bangladesh is an unlikely place for the Islamic State to gain foothold because the culture is very different from the Arab countries: women don vibrant colors and don't generally wear veils. The country has a high rate of illiteracy, but it is a tiger state, one that is growing quickly, and the Islamic State seeks to stop this growth.

The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, wants to expand its caliphate into South Asia, and Bangladesh's highly-impoverished youths could provide fertile ground for its manifest destiny. 

The group has recently conquered over 270km of coastline in Libya, where fighters from Sub-Saharan Africa are flocking.

The rise of ISIS in Libya threatens the stability of Europe, it is currently shaping out to become the most dangerous branch of the group.

The group's battle for control in Bangladesh will be a hard one, but they can certainly make it inhospitable for foreign investors.