Corporate Media Confirms: Scalia was Criticizing Bush Family before Assassination

Writing for Salon, Stephen Harrison says that Justice Scalia told him a secret regarding his opinion about George W. Bush. Justice Scalia allegedly told Harrison that he had the "utmost respect for the Bush family," but added that "fellow Republicans think the other Bush brother [Jeb] is much brighter."

Justice Scalia said this in a quasi-public setting, but as we reported shortly after the announcement of his death, he was in private discussing the events of September the 11th, especially after comments made by leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump. 

Though Justice Scalia's son has publicly said that he thinks his father died of natural causes, this is unlikely to quell calls for more transparency into the death of America's most controversial conservative judge. 

The Bush family is one of the most powerful in America, and their influence stretches into every element of the Department of Homeland Security; a massive bureaucracy created after the false flag anthrax attacks orchestrated by Dick Cheney.

Gore, a Bush Mafia victim
It was the mailing of anthrax to members of Congress and the media that scared Senators and Representatives into signing the Homeland Security Act of 2002, creating a national Gestapo of individuals loyal to the Bush cartel. 

Whereas before a President had to carefully plant his supporters in every government agency in order to effectuate a domestic coup, doing so now would only require asking Homeland Security Advisor to the President Lisa Monaco to declare a state of emergency and enact Continuity of Government plans. 

If Justice Scalia was willing to publicly tell people that he thought George W. Bush was not the smartest choice for the presidency, it means he regretted his decision in Bush v. Gore. In Bush v. Gore, Justice Scalia ruled that George W. Bush, the son of the man who appointed him, had won a questionable election.

There's no telling what else Justice Scalia might have regretted, and for some people, especially his confederates in the Bush mafia, doubt alone is reason enough to eliminate someone, especially if those individuals have inside knowledge of the nefarious Bushite agenda.

Former CIA chief George H.W. Bush only allowed Ronald Reagan to appoint Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court because the agency had something with which they could blackmail the late Justice. It seems that perhaps Justice Scalia made the mistake of thinking that because Donald Trump can speak his mind while only experiencing mild engine troubles once in the process, that it didn't mean the Bushes weren't listening to him from the shadows, afraid for their lives of what the Judge had to say.