Leaked 1364 Pages Prove Government Knew Taliban was Waiting to Blow Up Chinook Helicopter Carrying SEAL Team Six

Michael: murdered by his own government? US Navy
In a shocking, exclusive interview with Jackman Radio, Charlie Strange, father of SEAL Team Six member Michael Strange, told the Jackman Brothers that he was privy to 1300-plus pages of military documents which he was not supposed to see.

SEAL Team Six was responsible for the raid which resulted in the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, but shortly thereafter, they all died.

Mr. Strange claims that he had many questions about the death of his son, and traveled down to Virginia in October of 2011, where the families of the late members of SEAL Team Six were briefed in an auditorium by the US Army.

Mr. Strange says that "everyone had a different story... that they [Chinook helicopter carrying Team Six] went into a mountain," etc.

Gen. Colt. US Army
The government kept the families in two separate hotels, but Mr. Strange managed to bring them all together.

The next day, before a meeting with General Jeffrey Colt, he was intimidated by two goons who told him that it was a real "nice going getting all the families together."

Mr. Strange asked General Colt about the Chinook's black box, and the General told the grieving father that a "flash flood came and washed it away."

According to the story told by General Colt, the Chinook, an aircraft from the 1960s, was struck in "the propeller" by a RPG fired from a distance of 200 yards [183 meters.] The plane was 50 feet [15 meters] in the air, but the General told them that it stumbled multiple times and exploded thrice by the time it hit the ground, that the Taliban got a "lucky shot."

Mr. Strange went home with a binder that had a book inside with "no ink,
Adm. Pybus. SOCOM
no toner;" he couldn't read the pages. After this, Mr. Strange called Admiral Sean Pybus, who told him that the military "had a lot of complaints about that."

Admiral Pybus told Mr. Strange that he couldn't send him another copy because they had been "burned."

Nonetheless, there was a disk inadvertently left in the binder by Admiral Pybus' men, and Mr. Strange accessed 1364 pages from it. In those 1300+ pages, General Colt detailed that more than 100 Taliban were headed for the valley where the Chinook was supposed to fly over. Mr. Strange proclaimed: "They knew!"

Boeing CH-47 Chinook
After the collapse of the Chinook carrying SEAL Team Six, the corporate media explained that the fallen heroes were going to "rescue some Rangers in trouble."

However, this contradicts the secret documents seen by Mr. Strange, where it states that the Team was headed to take out Qari Tahir, a high-level Taliban operative who moved towns because he knew the US military was coming for him.

Either Qari Tahir had an inside operative who knew SEAL Team Six was going to be flying over the precise valley where their Chinook was shot down, or someone inside the US government tipped off the Taliban. The level of stonewalling exhibited by the US Army and the way the grieving families have been treated, however, is proof that the Taliban was provided with treasonous intelligence by elements within the American military or intelligence apparatus.

Mr. Strange said, "it's not a conspiracy, I have the documents right here."

The Jackman Brothers explained it clearly: "There's a lot of muddying of the waters by the Pentagon, they want to create confusion and not offer a total, clear explanation."

Mr. Strange would go on to successfully sue the National Security Agency after his computer "shot out," proving that his device was destroyed by the American signals intelligence espionage agency and that they were spying on his family.