Murdered NY Times Reporter Who Wrote About MK-ULTRA and Psychotronic Weapons Was Likely Investigating Secret New "Power Plant"

While the world tempers down on its use of coal, the Dominican government is embarking on an ambitious new project in the country's southern coast, building what at first were supposed to be two identical, coal-fired units. The project faced extremely stiff opposition from not only environmental groups, but also local groups who argued that it would spew "heavy-metal micro-particles" into the air.

Suspected Psychotronic Warfare Research Facility. Punta Catalina
However, recent reports indicate that the construction of the two power plants is a cover for the development of a secretive third facility, one whose details were negotiated in secret between the Dominican government and Pinegy Commercial Group.

Just last month, Pinegy went from being an obscure "plastics maker," to mainstream media pariah because the company was kept a complete secret from the people before winning its contract for this mysterious facility being built at Punta Catalina. The corporate media wrote: "Another Dominican Government Scandal: Secret Coal Plants."

As the scandal heated up, it became apparent to the Dominican intelligence apparatus that one of the employees had leaked information to the press, and the government took the drastic measure of halting operations, firing 2,000 employees; collective punishment is a hallmark of classified operations. The new employees who will be brought in will be more carefully vetted, no doubt, and information is likely to be far more compartmentalized.

Moreover, this guarantees that information about previous underground facilities built under the third secret plant, or whatever may have been built in that facility, is not known to the new employees.

This week, major equipment arrived in Punta Catalina from Schenectady, New York, built by General Electric, the large Pentagon defense contractor. All of the documents surrounding the General Electric equipment and the secretive third plant have been heavily classified by the Dominican government.

A Folha, one of the largest newspapers in Brazil, sent undercover reporters to infiltrate the facility's offices. According to A Folha, government officials there contradicted themselves, unable to explain the reason for preventing people from visiting the secret construction site. Thereafter,  the Dominican presidency refused to answer questions from the large Brazilian daily.

Had it not been for the fact that João Santana, a famous Latin American campaign manager known as "the maker of presidents," was slapped with a conspiracy charge by the Brazilian Federal Police, none of the Dominican government's plans would have been unraveled. 

Since Abreu Report broke the story yesterday in the English media of the death of New York Times reporter Sarah Kershaw and her previous writings about MK-ULTRA and psychotronic warfare, speculation has been rife in the media as to what she was investigating in the Dominican Republic. 

One anonymous source claiming to be affiliated with INFOTEP, the Dominican government's militarized technician-training division, told Abreu Report that Ms. Kershaw had inquired about the exact nature of the equipment being sent to the Dominican Republic by General Electric from its research factories in New York, and whether it was related to psychotronic warfare. There is speculation among some Dominican groups that the equipment did not actually come from New York, but was sent from a secret Pentagon research center.

INFOTEP was formed in 1980 by-then President Antonio Guzman, who was found mysteriously shot just before leaving office and passing on state secrets to his successor, in an incident that was first labeled a suicide but was then ruled an accidental death. Since Mr. Guzman's death, INFOTEP has become a highly-structured organization, effectively infiltrating every strata of government and Dominican society.

Recently, INFOTEP began graduating agents in the thousands;  young men and women who have no idea that they're serving an organization potentially involved in the development of secret psychotronic weapons. So far over the past month we've learned that a secret power plant was being constructed, coinciding with the firing of over 2,000 employees. INFOTEP is secretly building an army, and last month they graduated 5,000 individuals; a fresh pool from which to pick talent completely devoted to state secrecy.