Obama Had Foreknowledge of Biological Weapons in Morocco

Age of bioterrorism? WKM
We were reluctant to publish our story 12 hours ago about Obama secretly taking the anthrax-treating antibiotic Cipro, since our source was claiming to be a White House insider. 

Our website was just this week mentioned on: the Daily Mail; the New York Daily News, which is the 5th biggest paper in the United States; as well as on Heavy, the 800th most popular website in the US, but we still found it hard to believe that information about Obama taking a drug as dangerous and with as many side-effects as Cipro had any veracity. 

We decided to write the story, while our main editor conducted more research; the article went unpublished on our newspage. We sat on the story for two days. 

After speaking to a former US Army officer familiar with the situation in Libya, and after realizing that the United States had carried out its first attack on Islamic State forces in the North African country on what was reported to be a meeting between top operatives, we knew that the situation was extremely serious. 

Morocco. Copyright: Abreu Report
Obama has been steadfast about not attacking Libya without consensus from the two competing governments on the ground, and only a grave threat would make him do so.  

Shortly after we published our story, the Moroccan intelligence service arrested members of an Islamic State cell plotting to carry out a biological terror attack in the country. Morocco World News reported:

"What characterizes this cell is the nature of weapons brought from Libya, as they are made from toxic biological and chemical substances which could be used to make explosives, in addition to its recruitment of a French citizen and a 16-year-old man who received training to carry out a suicide car bomb attack."

Deploying biological weapons is extremely difficult, and it is unlikely that this ISIS cell had the capability to kill large numbers of people using only the biological agents in their possession. Nonetheless, it shows that we have entered an era of bioterrorism and, given the quantity of weapons acquired by the Islamic State in Libya, the group's capabilities could very well improve to incredibly dangerous levels.