The Rise of Left-Wing Linguistic Colonialism

Make no mistake about it, political correctness is, as the late George Carlin said, a form of tyranny, a new wave of fascism. I went to a predominantly male, technical high school in one of the South Bronx's roughest neighborhoods, and the English that I learned there was completely different from the language my peers at Yale utilized during my undergraduate years. 

My English was to my upper-class white peers a sign of "low intelligence" and of unsuitability to fit in with the corporate-compliant culture predominant in the Ivy League. What's most astonishing about the level to which most elite college students in America are completely blinded by corporate-safe language is the extent to which they police each other. 

Yale students like to brag about how busy they are in order to project corporate responsibility, but the use of the word "exotic" prompted students to find time to write lengthy columns in the Yale Daily News. Edwin Everhart wrote in 2008: 

"Across campus this week, students are being asked, 'Wanna go on an Exotic Date?' by posters for a charity fund-raiser... This event’s title is degrading, insulting and poorly conceived... That wording is unacceptable because it makes those so labeled feel unusual and out of place, less comfortable and less safe."

Mr. Everhart is an extremely talented individual, and his senior thesis on Phonological Change in Japanese-Ainu Loanwords made for a very riveting read last night. I learned that there are fewer than a dozen speakers of Ainu left, and I also learned that not one Ainu person has failed to achieve fluency in Japanese since "a long time."

What else did I learn after reading about Japanese-Ainu loanwords? I learned that it takes extreme wealth and privilege to be able to take the time to learn and dissect an endangered language.

I also learned that wealth and privilege and understanding of archaic languages can often lead people to convince themselves that a living, organic language can be shaped and molded through special committees and self-righteous media campaigns. 

"I'll suck your vocabulary dry!"
When I was at Yale, I didn't take the time to write about the use of "offensive" words by charities trying to raise money for the needy. I wrote about the threat of a nascent police state and the religious indoctrination of our armed forces under George W. Bush. My articles were called "puerile provocation," for they exposed a reality that most Yale students were completely blind to, that of an America marching towards fascism. 

But no one can deny today that America has descended into fascism. No one can deny today that our incarceration rate is a problem of unparalleled historical proportions. 

Despite all these horrendous realities, a continuous barrage of mainstream media articles continues to agonize over every statement Donald Trump makes. Writers who in college spent countless hours analyzing arcane languages and who can draw on the entire body of Western knowledge are completely incapable of understanding the Donald's appeal: he's the antithesis to leftist linguistic-colonialism. 

Much like Marcus Antonius was able to draw the Roman masses because of his ability to speak to them in a language which they understood, a non-forensic speech, so too can Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump's rise is the direct result of leftist language-tyrants dissecting every word and thereby draining the creative blood-force of every writer or comedian unfortunate enough to come into their social sphere.

By: Jose M. Abreu