Why is Corporate Media Suppressing Work by Brazilian Zika Researcher?

There used to be a time when the corporate media was so afraid of "conspiracy theories" that they would not republish them in their papers for fear of legitimizing them by giving them more play. Those times seem to have changed, however.

Now within a week of a conspiracy being proposed to an English-speaking audience, The Guardian, Discover Magazine, Buzzfeed, Snopes, and countless others immediately start the process of tearing down and "debunking" the allegations. Often, these corporate media writers don't speak the language of the country on which they are reporting, and rely on a limited number of English sources.

I can safely assert that none of the writers who tried to debunk the allegation that Oxitec's genetically-modified mosquitoes were responsible for worsening the Zika outbreak even bothered to perform a cursory Google search in Portuguese for any reports in Brazil about the company.

If any of these supposed "reporters" had performed even a cursory Google search in Portuguese, they would have come across a December, 2015 article published on Verdade Absoluta where the connection between Oxitec's transgenic mosquitoes and Zika was deeply examined.

Instead, however, Snopes, Discover Magazine, The Guardian, International Business Times, and countless other "reputable" sources, continue spreading the lie that the link between Oxitec's transgenic mosquitoes and Zika was first made on Reddit on the 25th of January.

The corporate media has never been so desperate to hide the truth: that not all "conspiracies" originate on internet forums. Instead, scientists in Brazil were already concerned about Oxitec's mosquitoes even as they were being released, and researchers suspected a connection as soon as mosquitoes were linked to the Zika virus.

The corporate media is lying, and it is oppressing research conducted by Oculto Revelado, the video news network that first made the story viral in Brazil about Oxitec's mosquitoes possibly being linked to a worse strain of Zika.

Map shown in 2015. Oculto Revelado
Does the corporate media mention Oculto Revelado? Do they show the map which they use in their 2015 video?

No, the media instead attributes their research to a user on an American conspiracy forum and they use a map provided by that user which can be easily debunked.

If you examine the dates and map that the corporate media uses to debunk the connection between Oxitec's mosquitoes and Zika, you will realize that they are very aggressively and desperately oppressing research by Oculto Revelado.