Yale Secret Societies Fomenting Tension in Caribbean Proxy War

On the 14th of January, Abreu Report caused outrage in the Dominican Republic with our reporting on Wikileaks cables which revealed that Jose Manuel Trullols -- at-the-time Chief of Staff of the Dominican Foreign Ministry -- asked the US Ambassador for 40,000 dollars to, without the knowledge of Congress, hire a Canadian cartographer who would disprove the island nation's territorial water claims. 

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the US invasion and occupation by the virulent racist Woodrow Wilson, whose bloody and violent occupation led to the rise of Rafael Trujillo, a savage dictator that imposed a racial caste in the country, committed genocide against Haitians, and murdered over 100,000 Dominicans during the course of his tyrannical, US-backed, three-decade rule.

The National Progressive Force (FNP,) the Dominican Republic's ultra-nationalist party, convened a meeting the day after our revelations about the Foreign Ministry putting the country's waters up for sale, with Marino Vinicio Castillo, the leader of the party, alleging that the Dominican Republic was the victim of a "diabolical conspiracy" implicating the US Ambassador to the island. 

Over the past couple of years, the Dominican Republic has been on the defensive in the international arena; stemming from a decision by the nation's top court to clarify birthright citizenship and move the country's citizenship laws more in line with those in the Netherlands and other jus sanguinis countries. 

Although Europe has more stringent citizenship laws than the Dominican Republic -- with even the children of citizens, and adults born-and-raised on the continent, liable for deportation -- elements within the European establishment still attacked the island's citizenship laws, an attack which was aided by America's secretive elite.

When I was at Yale, people didn't talk about secret societies or the power that they wielded behind the scenes. In the Dominican Republic, however, we learn first thing in school to respect the power that secret groups can apply on society. In fact, the very birth of the Dominican Republic stems from a conspiracy by a secret society called La Trinitaria, whose members decided to form their own country.

Thus, when someone delivers to a Dominican the news that a secret society is plotting to fuse or break the Republic, he doesn't dismiss it as a ridiculous conspiracy theory. Instead, he tells himself: "not again!"

But sadly that is the situation we find ourselves in today: foreign elements are plotting to fuse the Dominican Republic with Haiti as they seek to expand the influence of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM,) a transnational proto-empire that operates in the shadows of international secrecy and achieves its objectives through stealth, manipulation, and threats.

Paradise at risk! Copyright: Abreu Report
The level of pressure CARICOM is able to exert on the Dominican Republic is tremendous, as Haiti -- the country's neighbor -- is a member of the transnational alliance. As Abreu Report wrote last summer, CARICOM was seeking to foment a violent coup in the Dominican Republic, and it is now plainly clear that the entire island of Hispaniola is on the verge of going up in a fire that could see the flames of countless souls extinguished.

We have to remember that the US State Department is headed by John Kerry, a Bonesman who has during his time in power placed his confederates at all levels of power.  As Haiti collapses with a push from CARICOM and its puppet masters at Yale's secret societies, a political crisis promises to engulf the Dominican Republic.

Already the articles on Huffington Post and other liberal American publications are reprinting propaganda by Yalies who've taken "secret oaths and engage in secret proceedings," seeking to capitalize on the coming crisis. The Dominican Republic might be Haiti's neighbor, but in terms of influence the country may be on the other side of the world. Not a bullet gets fired in Haiti without some Bonesman at the State Department or a CARICOM spy being informed; the Dominican Republic is generally kept out of the loop.

As the President of the Dominican Republic told the US Ambassador, someone tried to assassinate him during a visit to Haiti, and he suspects those people were the same ones that murdered a Brazilian general who wasn't complying with US plans against Haiti. The Dominican president was so terrified for the one million Haitians living in the Dominican Republic that he downplayed the assassination attempt. It seems that in their quest to carve up nations for corporate profit, the gold-thirsty conspirators with fancy degrees will laugh as a million Haitians are slaughtered in a retributive pogrom. It seems that no corporate objective has too bloody a price.