Deep State Murders 9/11 Whistleblower on Dutch Soil

On the morning of September the 11th, a 47-story building nearby the Twin Towers collapsed into its own footprint. The collapse of this building, World Trade Center 7 -- which would have been the tallest skyscrapers in many states -- was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report, an investigation which was conducted using a fraction of the money spent investigating the Monica Lewinsky Scandal. 

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST,) the agency tasked with compiling a scientific report on the destruction of that 47-story building, has refused to release their computational collapse model, arguing that it would "jeopardize public safety."

And indeed, scientific experts who release computational collapse models or investigate the collapse of World Trade Center 7 are jeopardizing public safety, as was the case with Danny Jowenko, who inadvertently stumbled into the information which would eventually have him killed.

Mr. Jowenko was one of the foremost demolition experts in the Netherlands, and in 2006 he was shown a clip of World Trade Center 7 exploding, to which he immediately replied: "This is a controlled demolition... a group of experts did this. This is professional work, without any doubt."

Mr. Jowenko would go on to further examine the blueprints for World Trade Center 7, and he only became more convinced that it was indeed a controlled-demolition carried out by a clandestine group of professionals. In a subsequent phone call in 2007, Mr. Jowenko said that he "absolutely" stood by his comments, arguing that he had "examined the drawings and the construction and that it could not have been carried out by fire."

Catastrophic car damage? The dog survived.
Mr. Jowenko further said that if a US demolition company were to acknowledge the fact that WTC 7 was a controlled demolition, that it would be "over" for them, that they would be "done."

And very true to Mr. Jowenko's predictions, it would not be long before it would be "over" for him, even though he lived outside of the United States.

One of our editors is a certified-mechanic, and in his opinion Danny Jowenko's instantaneous death is inconsistent with the crash pattern of the car which he was driving on the day of his death; there must have been something else which contributed to his untimely demise, especially considering that his dog managed to survive the crash.

Our editor has seen too many suspicious car accidents in the US, and it's part of the reason why he moved to Iceland; he feared that his reporting on the Bush family and the attacks of September the 11th would make him the target of a government-sponsored assassination in the United States, especially because of his involvement with Skull and Bones.

On the 8th of January, 2013, our editor wrote an article exposing how Bonesman John Kerry's nomination for the State Department signaled full intent to start a new Cold War.

Four days after he wrote that article, his apartment was raided by the Dutch police, and all of his belongings were subsequently destroyed; a very clear message, but one which has still not deterred him reporting on the criminal activities of the Bush crime syndicate. 

There is no doubt that the CIA is operating and killing in the Netherlands, and that those who become a big enough threat are liable for inclusion in the Deep State's Disposition Matrix.

The question isn't if the CIA will kill another 9/11 whistleblower; the question is: who, and when?