CIA Utilizing Dominicans to Destabilize Moroccan Government

As Abreu Report predicted, the situation in Morocco is deteriorating, with the possibility that a separatist movement in the former Spanish colony of Western Sahara could rip the country apart. 

As is usually the case with most large movements destabilizing Muslim countries, the Central Intelligence Agency is either a participant or an observant. In this particular case, circumstantial evidence indicates that the CIA is more than a casual observer of naturally-unfolding events. 

As the situation in Western Sahara intensified, Abreu Report traveled to various cities in Morocco, interviewing locals to examine the root of the crisis. 
Dominican CIA agents travel incognito in Morocco? © Abreu Report

In decades past, Cuban exiles in Florida were the preferred go-to mercenaries employed by the CIA when an operation needed to be carried out far off the books. 

As CIA researcher Casey Gane-McCalla details in his groundbreaking book -- “Inside The CIA’s Secret War In Jamaica” -- the American espionage agency utilized the services of Luis Posada Cariles and Orlando Bosch to carry out an extensive list of terrorist acts against the government of Cuba and Jamaica. 

The United States waged biological warfare against the government of Cuba on at least two separate occasions, infecting half a million pigs with a dangerous strain of Swine flu that nearly crippled the country, and also infecting the island's turkeys with the deadly Newcastle disease. Many of these operations were planned from Bonao in the Dominican Republic, a country which effectively functions as a US satellite due to 8 years of brutal occupation from 1916-1924, during which time many brave Dominicans, known as gavilleros, were murdered by the US Army. A subsequent invasion in 1965 by US Marines further solidified Washington's hold on the island. 

A land infiltrated? © Abreu Report
Today, there are over a million Dominicans in the continental United States, concentrated mostly around the Bronx, with the group disproportionally representing many of the soldiers shipped off by the Pentagon to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, effectively functioning as the Pentagon's shock troops. 

Many of these Dominican soldiers learned Arabic during their years of service abroad, and today, due to their high numbers, and their perceived imperviousness to Muslim conversion, Dominicans form the backbone of America's intelligence operations in many parts of the Middle East. 

Moroccans cannot tell the difference between a Dominican and one of their own. This was confirmed by our Dominican editor. However, a Dominican can recognize a Moroccan, and one of his own. We spotted at least 5 Dominicans involved in potentially subversive activities.

"I spotted a guy in a rally and asked him a question in Dominican Spanish. He ran away from me, they all just gave me that look of fear, the one you give when you have been outed," our Dominican editor explained. 

Can Abreu Report provide absolute proof that these Dominicans in the Sahara are in the employ of the CIA? We can't prove it conclusively, but the question of what these Dominicans, clearly ex-military, were doing at rallies against the Moroccan government should raise some eyebrows, especially given the history of CIA terrorism planned on Dominican soil.