Decapitated Russian Tourist Was Secret Agent

Anatolii Platov, a 35-year-old Russian national, was found decapitated in the posh Caribbean resort area of Bavaro with a "suicide" letter that read in English: 

"Please don't bury me in Russia. Bury me in Washington, D.C."

Wanted to be buried in Washington, D.C. Bavaro Online
According to Dominican investigators, Mr. Platov not only managed to slice both of his arms and neck arteries, but he also was able to inject himself with an unidentified substance and then stuff his head in a garbage can before his life came to a gruesome, bloody end.

The Dominican Police further reported that Mr. Platov accomplished this incredible feat of self-harm utilizing nothing more than a shaving razor; even the deep lacerations on the back of his arms and neck.

The crime scene was treated as a suicide from the moment it was discovered by an employee of the tropical beach resort; no proper investigation was carried out despite the strange footprints around the puddle of blood where Mr. Platov was found.

This cover-up was not an accident, police were instructed from higher-up to bury Mr. Platov's death and make it go away, according to a source in the Dominican government who spoke on condition of anonymity with Abreu Report.

According to information revealed to Abreu Report, Mr. Platov was under surveillance the minute he landed in Bavaro. Mr. Platov was being followed by two individuals described as "not Dominican, definitely French."

The fact that Mr. Platov was being followed by two individuals Dominican intelligence was completely unfamiliar with led to an informant in the area to also spy on him as he moved about Bavaro.

The two Frenchmen left the island before Mr. Platov's body was discovered, and that perhaps may be the biggest indication that his death was not a suicide, but rather a coldly calculated hit against someone carrying out a secret operation on foreign soil. 

Rich Caribbean resorts are often brimming with foreign spies, many of them breaking into rooms to conduct industrial and cyberespionage against businessmen and government officials, and this is the reason why we instruct our editors to never leave their laptops unattended, even in a locked room.

Was Mr. Platov in Bavaro conducting an operation against a French target? Was he aware that he was being followed?

Mr. Platov's death strengthened DR-Russia relations. Listin
Given the nationality of Mr. Platov's potential killers, Abreu Report speculates that he was likely investigating French government involvement in international cocaine trafficking. Since Moscow granted visa-free entry to Dominican citizens, the flow of Colombian narcotics has increased substantially to the Russian Federation, and it is French pilots flying these narcoplanes.

After Mr. Platov's killing in Bavaro, Aymeric Chauprade, a French parliamentarian with Marine Le Pen's FNL party, was charged with helping a pair of convicted pilots escape custody after their plane was discovered carrying nearly a ton of cocaine.

Was Mr. Platov killed to cover up French government involvement in the international drug trade?

The "suicide letter" left next to Mr. Platov was most possibly a message to the Russian government from his French killers: that they would mercilessly profane an enemy even after death.