Executed without Trial: Convictions in Absentia Now Routine in The United States

In 2011, US citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki was killed under orders of President Barack Obama, who authorized a drone strike against the suspected Al-Qaeda supporter. Mr. Al-Awlaki's 16-year-old Colorado-born son would also be killed by a subsequent drone strike, one which was justified by a senior adviser to the President who argued that the underage US citizen should have had "a more responsible father."

During his hours-long filibuster of John Brennan's nomination as head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Senator Rand Paul asked if it would be possible for the US government to kill without trial a US citizen residing inside of the United States. In response to Senator Paul's filibuster wondering if the US government was willing to kill on US soil without trial, former Attorney General Eric Holder chose not to address the crux of the issue. 

Mr. Holder simply stated that the US was not willing to kill someone on US soil unless that person was "engaged in combat," thereby making it clear that insurrection plans exist to execute US citizens who take up arms against the state. 

The Pentagon recently revealed that they have conducted military drone operations on US soil, yet most Americans are completely unaware that the legal precedent has already been established to murder them without trial if a future president should decide that they represent a threat to the national security of the United States. Most Americans go about their daily lives not knowing that these established precedents have already begun to have an effect on the law at a local level. 
Will convict you in absentia. Times-Dispatch

Michael N. Herring, Attorney for the Commonwealth of Virginia, is one of Barack Obama's main conspirators.

In 2013, Mr. Herring, to the surprise of many people, decided not to seek a position at the Federal level. His chances would have been extremely good, but it's apparent that the Obama administration had different plans for Mr. Herring; he's now the star at the center of one of the most worrying lawsuits filed by subjugated people in recent memory. 

In the same way that Eric Holder's Justice Department used misprision of felony to persecute teachers, in the same way that his inJustice Department used The Espionage Act of 1917 to go after whistleblowers, so too has Mr. Herring been using arcane laws and "modern-day McCarthyism"  to target the most vulnerable members of society, establishing a precedent that could see a tyrannical government intrude in every single aspect of the individual's personal decisions.

The Daily Beast reports that Mr. Herring is using an 1873 law to "deal with alcohol and alcoholism," creating a secret blacklist much similar to President Obama's Disposition Matrix. This secret blacklist, called the "Interdiction List," can ensnare individuals "in a civil proceeding, often in absentia."

Once individuals are placed on the Interdiction List, they can be punished with lengthy prison terms for offenses that are not regularly punishable with incarceration. If Mr. Herring wins the lawsuit in which he is a defendant, there is a very real possibility that some Americans may find themselves secretly subject to a different set of laws, and may even one day be unknowingly gunned down on the streets by government-sanctioned executioners.