Islamic State in Haiti: American Jetliners Departing from Punta Cana Targeted

In 2014, Abreu Report published an article -- The Dominican Republic and the Shadow of American Tyranny -- in which we wrote:

"After the attacks of September the 11th, the United States feared that hordes of Islamic extremists influenced by Al-Qaeda would try to infiltrate the Homeland through friendly, neighboring countries. To prevent Al-Qaeda from exploiting Haiti's status as a failed state to infiltrate the Dominican Republic and later the US, Washington helped create CESFRONT, militarizing the Dominican border in a manner described by Todd Miller as an 'overlooked manifestation of U.S. imperial policy in the post-9/11 era.' CESFRONT has such a close relationship with the US Border Patrol, that it maintains an office in the US embassy."

CESFRONT has never been closer to the US Border Patrol, and while the paramilitary border unit has not captured any members of Al-Qaeda during its time in operation, to our knowledge, the threat that Jamaican terrorists loyal to the Islamic State are now training in Haiti is very real, and CESFRONT is preparing for a violent confrontation with militant forces.

In 2010, the US Embassy in Kingston sent a secret diplomatic cable warning of the terror threat in Jamaica, writing to Washington: "Although not widely known, Jamaicans have been involved in some of the worst or potentially devastating acts of terrorism of the last decade. In 2008, The Economist listed Jamaica as the 'most murderous country in the world,' while concluding in a 2009 article that the nation has an 'unfixable' crime problem... The recent return of extremist Jamaican-born cleric Sheikh el-Faisal raises serious concerns regarding the propensity for Islamist extremism in the Caribbean at the hands of Jamaican born nationals."

Sheikh el-Faisal is a hardline Salafist who has been deported from the United Kingdom and from Botswana due to preaching for the use of chemical weapons against unbelievers. In 2003, the BBC reported that Sheikh el-Faisal told his followers that they were allowed to use nuclear weapons against a country that was "100% unbelievers."

Since his deportation to Jamaica, Sheikh el-Faisal's following has grown, and he has expanded his activities into Haiti, which is currently a failed state without a functioning government, where hunger has doubled in the past 6 months. As Belgium and Libya and Syria and Iraq have shown, it is in collapsed states where radical movements flourish and multiply, as is currently happening in Haiti with Islamic extremists infiltrating from Jamaica. There are reports that Sheikh el-Faisal has affiliated himself with the Islamic State, in order to increase his international base of support.
Islamic State MANPADS make way to Haiti. Twitter

Although a secret diplomatic cable sent from the US Embassy in Santo Domingo detailed that the neither Dominican military nor any radical groups within the nation possessed MANPADS capable of shooting down a jetliner, with their importation prohibited by Dominican law, Washington believes that "high levels of corruption call into question the effectiveness of these controls."

The warning about the danger of MANPADS proliferation was sent before a devastating earthquake destroyed most of Haiti's infrastructure, and also its prisons. In 2010, the Washington Post reported that many of Haiti's most wanted criminals were on the loose, with more than 4,500 escaping from its most dangerous prison.

In 2014, there was another mass escape of prisoners from a Haitian penitentiary, with more than 300 convicted rapists and murderers going on the loose. Before the Islamic State even existed, in July of 2013, Abreu Report published an article -- 11 Car Bombs for Baghdad -- writing about the escape of 250 Al-Qaeda prisoners from a prison in Iraq and what it would portend for the region: 

"250 Al-Qaeda guys is more than many other Arab countries have, and their escape signals the beginning of the next phase in the American-led offensive to topple President Assad in Syria. Assad was gaining the upper-hand, thus it is now apparent that unless Iraq breaks up into separate Sunni and Shia states, that Western powers will not be able to topple him. The only way to bring down Assad is by breaking up Iraq, creating a Sunni state near his borders with a population sympathetic to the Free Syrian Army. At this point, there is no stopping the break up of Iraq; it was written in the pages of destiny the minute Bush and Rumsfeld decided to disband the largely-Sunni Iraqi army, and empower the Shia majority. The prison break at Abu Ghraib will only serve to speed up the inevitable."

Less than a year after our article, and those 250 escaped Al-Qaeda guys marched into Mosul and declared an "Islamic State," breaking up Iraq as we had foretold. Prisons are where the Islamic State's leader radicalized and expanded his network; penitentiaries are always the best recruitment centers for extremists.

This year, Haiti could not successfully hold elections, and the drought affecting the region has increased tension exponentially, thus giving credence to Washington's fears that terrorism could penetrate the unstable nation.

Antillean arc of terror. AMP
A source with privileged information about the security situation in Haiti has informed Abreu Report that there are very real fears that Jamaican terrorists have brought MANPADS into Haiti, which occupies the Western third of the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. According to our source, the ultimate intended use of these MANPADS is to take down New York-bound jets departing from the tourist resort haven of Punta Cana.

Just this week, the Islamic State released a nasheed with French singers, thus expanding its recruitment influence to French-speaking Haiti; and as able-bodied men from Jamaica infiltrate Haiti's shores with the main objective of feeding the nation's instability, the US Embassy's warning about a "societal trend of young men who are quick to resort to acts of violence, and a history of high profile terrorist operations perpetrated by individuals with Jamaican roots, should raise concerns and awareness that history could repeat itself."