Muslim Women Afraid to Report Rape in The Netherlands

Police continue intimidating immigrants in the Netherlands, strong-arming them to prevent them from reporting even the most heinous of crimes. Fatima, a Syrian refugee mother of four, told Abreu Report that she suffered a broken nose and possible rib fractures in her latest encounter with the man who brought her to Holland.

"I heard stories, I know they deport immigrants who report crimes here," she said.

Fatima couldn't return to Syria because she is afraid for her life.

"I wish I had never come to this savage country... I have been raped here, and I could not report it because the police were asking me what my address was, where I was staying, but I could not provide an address because I was homeless. I am a refugee here."

One can only hope that the laws are changed so that Muslim women who have been raped and do not have an address can report the violations against them.