President Obama Traded Lives of Seal Team Six for Osama Bin Laden in Order to Win Election

In one popular narrative, agents from the Central Intelligence Agency risked their lives to capture and interrogate the most dangerous, fearsome terrorists in the world so that they could find their way to the man who orchestrated the attacks of September the 11th. 

In another narrative, Osama Bin Laden was caught using good-ole fashioned detective work, free from the use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.

Treason in our time?
In a new, more reliable narrative -- one not tainted by Hollywood or Washington fiction -- Osama Bin Laden's hideout was discovered after the Taliban traded him for a team of US Navy SEALs.

Charles Strange, father of SEAL Team Six Cryptology Officer Michael Strange, is a man who has turned grief into a mission for justice. Not only did he managed to decrypt a disk with the 1364-page military report on the downing of the Chinook carrying his son's SEAL team, but he has also bravely relayed that information to the world.

In an interview for The Mind Renewed, Mr. Strange told the radio host that the American people have been completely deceived as to the killing of SEAL Team Six, with glaring inconsistencies coming to light in the report which he managed to have decrypted. Mr. Strange relays that information in the 1364-page document indicates that General Jeffrey Colt deceived the families of the fallen heroes.

General Colt told the families of the fallen SEAL Team Six members that the Chinook was struck in the propeller and exploded "three times." However, Mr. Strange says the autopsy picture of his son shows "no burns."      

Obama's campaign victory manager?
Mr. Strange then states what is already obvious: CIA torture did not lead to the capture of Osama Bin Laden, and neither did good-ole fashioned detective work. President Barack Obama made a trade with the devil himself, with Mullah Omar of the Taliban, for the life of Osama Bin Laden.

In exchange for information leading to the extrajudicial killing of the senior citizen framed for the attacks of September the 11th, Mr. Obama supplied the Taliban with a guarantee that the team responsible would be killed by his men, dealing the Taliban a major victory, while the American people were sold the lie that Al-Qaeda and thus terrorism had been severely degraded with the death of a leader who was hermetic to the point of near operational inactivity.

Mullah Omar died in 2013, and it is nearly certain that US intelligence was aware that he was about to die, or had the capability to kill him in order to bury the secret trade made between the chief American warlord and his Afghan equivalent.

Before his death, Mr. Strange's son pulled him aside and told him: "Dad, you won't believe what's happening in this country!"

Mr. Strange believes that for his son, a loyal American willing to gladly give his life for the Constitution, to pull him aside and tell him that something fishy was happening in this country is full indication that members of SEAL Team Six were ready to speak out against the lies of the Obama regime.