Rudolph Giuliani Busy Disrupting Elections in Dominican Republic

Rudolph Giuliani, former Mayor of New York and Republican presidential candidate, seems to have made some Arab friends in the Caribbean tourism haven of the Dominican Republic. Although Mr. Giuliani's own campaign people during his attempt at the Republican presential nomination were recorded on tape talking badly about Arabs -- with the leader of Veterans for Rudy saying that Mr. Guiliani was most apt to win the nomination because he was the only one "willing to chase the Muslims back to their caves" -- it appears that he is now tacitly supporting Arab assimilation in the Caribbean. 

The Caribbean Kissinger? Hoy
Dominican Today reported that Mr. Giuliani is serving as "security advisor for opposition candidate Luis Abinader’s presidential campaign." Mr. Abinader is descended from a prominent Arab family, and his insiders are closely allied with the Dominican Syrian-Palestinian Club. 

Considering Mr. Giuliani's facilitation of the Dick Cheney administration's destruction of World Trade Center 7 during the false-flag attacks of September the 11th, his rising leadership in Dominican politics can only be a harbinger of future doom. 

The current President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, enjoys the highest support of any democratically-elected leader in Latin America, but his party's rule has seen an increase in the island's crime rate. 

plotting false-flag attack?
Complicity in conspiracy?
Mr. Medina has taken measures to solve crime that could be comparable to those of a Northern European leader, despite calls from the Dominican ultra-right to declare martial law and even shoot down planes suspected of carrying drugs; a law only overturned, as revealed by Wikileaks, at US behest.   

Nonetheless, there are still a significant number of Dominicans who yearn for the safety of the streets during the days of the Trujillo dictatorship, and Rudy Giuliani has arrived to offer a solution palatable to the population's cultural expectations: an updated form of zero tolerance policies.

Mr. Abinader, channeling the spirit of a man instrumental in starting the War on Terror, has said in speeches that security will be the pillar of his administration, "no matter the cost."

According to Dominican Today, Rudy Giuliani, in his role as security advisor for the Dominican Republic's main opposition candidate, recommends that the island drastically increase the level of "training" for its police forces, while instituting zero tolerance measures; the same type of measures that led to the displacement of entire communities in New York City and blatant, rising gentrification. 

Dominican Today also reports that Mr. Giuliani is involved in fighting crime in Colombia and Puerto Rico, but did not detail for which political entities.

Update 3:40 GMT: The Dominican Chief of Police has accused Abinader of inciting violence in the country's main public university as part of his chaos plan.