Rudy Giuliani Linked to Weaponized Cholera

Was the cholera outbreak an accident? Ramon Espinosa/AP
With each passing day, the probability that the entire Caribbean region descends into full-fledged anarchy increases. Over the past 6 months, the level of hunger in Haiti, already the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, has doubled.

As the famine breaks what little social fabric the nation still had, a refugee crisis is being exacerbated by rampant cholera, while foreign powers hellbent on preventing the Haitian people from claiming reparations from France continue funding subversive groups. 

To fund their stealth war against the Haitian people, French politicians have taken a page from the Oliver North Playbook, heavily trafficking cocaine to Europe and distributing it to their own population.

Did corporate media have foreknowledge? Hoy
With French-induced chaos on one side of the island, it seems that neoconservative elements from New York are now seeking to bring chaos to the other side of the island, to Haiti's neighbor, the Dominican Republic.

The arrival of Rudy Giuliani in Dominican politics has brought a level of violence that the country has never witnessed, and which could be comparable to the level of mayhem taking place in some unstable Middle Eastern cities. Over the past month alone, 3 major explosions have leveled homes, cars, wounded scores, and killed several children.

Violent protests have broken out in the country's main university, and a chemical attack in a crowded auditorium left several wounded after a stampede. The country's Chief of Police, Jose Ramon Fadul, said that Mr. Giuliani's political party is behind the wave of violence.

The Giulianistas were also linked to the sabotage of the country's electrical grid, an act which plunged multiple cities into darkness. Beyond the three bombings orchestrated by Mr. Giuliani, he is also now being implicated in an outbreak of cholera, a disease which was brought to the Caribbean in 2010 by United Nations troops and has now been weaponized by a renegade unit of the Dominican military.
Planning chaos. Hoy

The Giulianistas are most likely involved with this renegade military unit, and shortly before the arrival of Rudy Giuliani in Dominican politics, Abreu Report wrote about the grave threat that the flow of weaponized pathogens represented for the stability of the Caribbean. 

In his quest to bring the Giulianistas to power, it appears that Mr. Giuliani is more than happy to rule over a smoldering, bacteriological wasteland.