Source: Dominican Government Trafficking Chinese Nationals with Knowledge of Bioweapons

A secret cable from the US State Department leaked to Wikileaks by former US Army Private Chelsea Manning details how the American government believed Casilda Teonilde Casado de Cheung, a Dominican diplomat stationed in Hong Kong, should have her US visa revoked for trafficking Chinese nationals in contravention of Dominican law. 

According to the July, 2007 document, Ms. Casado de Cheung's actions had "serious, adverse effects" on the security of the United States when it came to combating terrorism. The cable details how Ms. Casado de Cheung was operating out of the Dominican Embassy in Hong Kong in conjunction with her brother and daughter, with all three holding diplomatic posts.

The US government learned from "sources in the local Chinese community who have given reliable information on this issue in the past" that Ms. Casado de Cheung's husband was intimately involved with a Chinese human trafficking ring, and that in the span of two years, nearly 3,000 Chinese nationals were granted visas and letters especially signed by the highest-ranking immigration official, guaranteeing that they would be able to travel to the Dominican Republic without being subjected to questions at the airport. 

The cable detailed: "According to media reports and SAA contacts, these Chinese migrants are able to bypass regular processing at the airport and the scrutiny it entails because they travel with both their valid visas and with letters personally signed by Migration Director Amarante Baret."

Renegade unit is convinced country is victim of bioweapons attack.
The US government had an informant in the Dominican Embassy in France who told them that these Chinese nationals were paying 10,000 dollars in exchange for their visas, and that most of them did not possess the necessary skills to be granted knowledge visas.

However, this is patently false, and was disinformation spread by the Dominican government in furtherance of its goals to develop a bioweapons arsenal to be used against the Haitian population in the event of an invasion by forces loyal to the mercenary Guy Philippe, who in the past staged an invasion of Haiti from Dominican soil.

As Abreu Report detailed in the past, the Dominican government has cultivated a special relationship with Taiwan, to the detriment of relations with China, with the explicit purpose of gaining access to Taipei's bioweapons program, which was maintained at such a secret, compartmentalized level that not even the President of Taiwan was aware that it existed until the SARS outbreak of 2003. 

According to a source within the Dominican government, the spread of cholera by the United Nations in Haiti was treated by some radical elements within the country's military as an indirect biological attack that jeopardized the stability of the republic. 

There are elements within the Dominican military absolutely convinced that cholera was purposely spread by the United Nations in order to destabilize the island, preceding an invasion in order to eliminate Dominican sovereignty. 

Proceeds from drugs used to fund bioweapons experiments
How is the Dominican government paying for all of this? Another secret cable leaked to Wikileaks indicates that the United States believed that General Manuel de Jesus Florentino y Florentino, the chief of Dominican intelligence, had intimate connections with Captain Quirino Paulino, who was extradited to the United States for running what was ostensibly the largest drug ring since Pablo Escobar.

In language that Lucius Fox would use, the Dominican economy has been growing 8% per year like clockwork, completely unaffected by the global recession. 

What most consumers of narcotics on the streets of America and in its top banks fail to realize is that their money is being directly used to fund the trafficking of people forced to work at Chinese-level standards on the development of armaments that could be used for the annihilation of the Haitian people.