CIA Agent Secretly Put on Trial and Executed for "Conspiring to Commit Sabotage"

It seems that not even CIA agents are immune from being secretly killed by the US government, as a source has informed Abreu Report that the Obama administration used a little-known WWII precedent, Ex parte Quirin, to kill one of the nation's top secret operatives. 
Sacrificial lamb for Obama's drone war

In 2013, a US Appellate Court ruled that the US government had wartime powers to lawfully detain US citizens for an indefinite period of time. To justify its conclusion, the Appellate Court used Ex parte Quirin, a decision which would have allowed President Roosevelt to become a full-fledged imperial president with the power to secretly kill at will had he not died.

That imperial reality is today, and according to our source, former President George W. Bush started the drone war, which Mr. Obama has exponentially expanded, after executing a CIA agent implicated in aiding the attacks of September the 11th. 

Abreu Report wrote about Obama's power to kill without trial in 2013: 

"During WWII, the Nazis shipped over a team of saboteurs to wreak havoc on the US. Among those saboteurs was Herbert Hans Haupt, a US citizen. After the Civil War, the Supreme Court ruled in Ex parte Miligan that trying civilian citizens in military tribunals when civilian courts were operating was unconstitutional. 

Civilian courts were operating fully in 1942, but FDR wanted the saboteurs dead, and he had undue influence over the Supreme Court. Haupt was executed, with the argument that 'the enemy combatant who without uniform comes secretly through the lines for the purpose of waging war by destruction of life or property' warrants death.  

In 1953, Justice Felix Frankfurter described it as 'not a happy precedent.' It is not a happy precedent indeed, because if for example a person were to go and 'confess' after extensive waterboarding that they are a saboteur working for the Taliban, then that means that they have lost all of their civilian rights."

Just recently, former Senator Bob Graham confirmed what we all suspected, that the 9/11 hijackers could not have perpetrated the worst attack in American history without a measure of internal support.

Senator Graham cited 28 classified pages from the government's 9/11 report which detail involvement by elements within the Saudi monarchy in order to make his claim that the hijackers had help within the US. 

The next chapter in the War on Terror has been written, and even if people believed that the attacks of 9/11 were orchestrated by the Bush family, a CIA agent who was allegedly executed in secret over a decade ago and elements within the Saudi monarchy will be blamed, giving the American people the needed mental peace which they have not been able to find during the past decade and a half of hostilities.