CIA Backing neo-Tonton Macoutes, Murderous Paramilitary Cult

The anointed successor. Youtube
The Central Intelligence Agency is putting the entire Caribbean region at risk, and future attacks by their proxy the Tonton Macoutes could lead to all out war between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

After Jean Claude Duvalier's death in 2014, TruthOut reported: "Shades of Duvalier's authoritarian political rule have become entrenched since the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January 2010. President Michel Martelly was a Duvalier admirer and appointed former Duvalier associates as advisors. He routinely invited Duvalier to state functions following the former dictator's return. He called for amnesty for the dictator's past crimes. Moreover the son of the ex-dictator, Nicolas Duvalier, is one of Martelly's advisors (perhaps, Amy Wilentz suggests, as a minister without portfolio?). This fact alone is testimony that Duvalierism is still alive and lives on."