Hillary Clinton Win Means Federal Government Will Make its Way into Every Adult Relationship

There was a big scandal at Yale last Halloween when a professor sent an e-mail telling students that their developmental process was being curtailed by the pervasive level of community-imposed censorship on campus. The ire against the professor who sent that e-mail was so intense that her husband was essentially surrounded by a mob of students in a now-famous video where a Yale students shouted: "It's your job to create a position of comfort, a home for the students that [live here."]

I went to Yale and I can safely attest that any student who goes there thinking that they will find a "home" is fully delusional or completely conditioned to accept silence and federal law as something that provides comfort and homeliness. The fact is that students today have been fully conditioned, by design, to accept the federal government as an entity capable of creating and regulating a home for them.

As I've written before, I was friends with the smelly kid, arguably one of the poorest guys at Yale. People knew that he was extremely poor and that he didn't have family in the United States, but they never, myself included, told him about the problem. He graduated from one of the best universities in the world, went ahead to work for a Fortune 500 company and no one ever told him that they found him extremely disagreeable and didn't want to be around him. 

That is the "home" that Yale students have created, one where everyone at a table can be suffocating but completely afraid of saying anything for fear that it may offend. Imagine if a father was afraid to tell his daughter to take a shower; this is the America that Barack Obama has created, one where people are afraid of pointing out what's bothering them and need federally-appointed intermediaries to report their grievances. 

Take the case of the captain of the Yale basketball team, who allegedly had non-consensual sex with a female student and was subsequently expelled months before graduation by a federally-regulated kangaroo court which delivers verdicts based on less evidence than would be required in North Korea; mere suspicion is sufficient to deliver a conviction. Minding Campus reported

Hillary's Bill of Rights. Title IX
“On the fourth occasion, she joined him in bed, voluntarily removed all of her clothes, and they had sexual intercourse. Then they got up, left the room and went separate ways. Later that same night, she reached out to him to meet up, then returned to his room voluntarily, and spent the rest of the night in his bed with him.”

The accuser waited around a year to speak to someone from Yale’s Title IX office, but decided not to file a complaint with Yale. But the Title IX officer filed a complaint. A disciplinary hearing occurred, amidst a campus frenzy following a survey suggesting that the New Haven campus was a hotbed of violent crime.

Hillary Clinton's time in office, if America survives it, will be known as the Title IX era, when America's tradition of believing in innocence before guilt will be eliminated, with the excuse that rape culture has permeated every strata of society. Today's college students have already been conditioned to accept the end of the presumption of innocence, and the Republic faces the risk of shattering into a thousand pieces.