My Grandfather Told Me a Secret Before His Death: Dominican Vice-President Confided in Him that President was Killed by Psychotronic Weapon

Joaquin Balaguer, former vice-President to the dictator of the Dominican Republic and himself subsequent 12-year strongman, directly handpicked my grandfather, Ramon de la Cruz, to protect his periphery. 

The town of Villa Altagracia, less than 50 miles from the Presidential Palace, was a place which required a loyal man presiding over a divinely-protected land, and in 1974 the Dominican president's faith in divine protection was "confirmed" after his helicopter was taken down right in my town, with him escaping fully unscathed.
Balaguer: set-up false flag in my town. Hoy

Although the media reported the crash as being weather-related, the entire incident was in fact staged to give Balaguer an air of higher divinity. My grandfather was personally acquainted with Balaguer's campaign tactics, and he knew that just one week before the elections, "perhaps it was not providence alone which had a hand in the crash." 

A diplomatic cable leaked to Wikileaks confirms what my grandfather always told me, that the helicopter crash was faked by Balaguer, and that they had a secret meeting afterwards discussing the future creation of a militarized agency dedicated to false flag deception and mental manipulation on an industrial scale.

My grandfather kept quiet, but he broke away from Balaguer, displeased by what he had witnessed. I never knew my grandfather during his Balaguer years, I only campaigned with him when he was with the PRI, the political party led by Jacobo Majluta. 

Mr. Majluta, the first Dominican president of Lebanese descent, was vice-President to Antonio Guzman, who suspiciously committed suicide just before his term in office was over. Why would Mr. Guzman, a politician successfully about to end his term in office and with a bright future ahead of him, take his own life? 
President Guzman: victim of psychotronic weapon? PPD

Mr. Majluta confided in my grandfather that he always suspected that Mr. Guzman was not himself when he took his own life, that he seemed to at times have a look of "zombification" about him and that the President had complained of an energy which he could not see but which he felt was being directly targeted at him.

Mr. Majluta felt that this directed energy could have potentially been a weapon, and he directed agents of INFOTEP, the Dominican government's militarized technician-training division, to conduct research into psychotronic weapons. 

Coincidentally, it was Mr. Guzman himself who created INFOTEP just before he took his life, which leads me to conclude that he created the government agency because he suspected that he was being targeted and wanted to learn how. 

Today, INFOTEP graduates thousands of recruits a year, with the top ones gaining access to classified US Army technology, and the agency was recently discovered to be secretly working on a mysterious power plant which the international media has remained almost completely silent about. 

As the United States continues its military expansion in the Dominican Republic, I fear we may yet see more suspicious suicides.