Why Is the US Hellbent on Building a New Military Base on Saona Island, Going so Far as to Kill Numerous Critics?

A strategic location for weather modification. WKM
The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico has been described as the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, of the Caribbean, but it is nowhere near the mystery machine which the United States has slated for construction on Saona Island, part of nearby Dominican Republic.

After massive protests on the island of Vieques led to a drawdown on US activity there, the United States government begun relocating its activities to other, more strategically appealing areas of the Caribbean. 

Today, the United States government only uses the island of Vieques for strategic flights, and according to a prominent Dominican priest who received information about a secret study, the planes take off with the objective of modifying Latin America's weather, in a 21st century continuation of Operation Popeye, a US military undertaking which successfully extended the monsoon season to the advantage of the US military during the Vietnam War.

According to analysts, Saona island would be a far more strategic location for US weather modification objectives in Latin America, with some alleging that the drought which has doubled hunger in Haiti over the past 6 months is part of a "soft war" on the part of Washington, with the objective of exacerbating a crisis in the Caribbean which could be used to justify a third military intervention in the region. The US military occupation of Haiti was the longest in US history, longer even than Afghanistan, and US influence in the country today is tremendous, with UN generals mysteriously dropping dead when CIA objectives are not met.

Over the past couple of months, it seems that the elections in the Dominican Republic have begun to threaten US goals on Saona island, with prominent guerillas suffering mysterious car accidents and being denied medical care, with the driver of the main nationalist party being gunned down by suspected CIA agents, and with anyone who speaks out having to live in fear. 

People sometimes wonder why the Unites States tolerates a failed state in its own backyard, despite the threat it represents to US national security, but the fact is that since the Tuskegee experiments were made public, the CIA has had a shortage of guinea pigs, and Haitians have been subjected to cholera experiments in plain view of the whole planet, with nearly 10,000 dead. 

If Obama is allowed to go through with his Machiavellian plans in the Caribbean, 10,000 will be a minuscule number in comparison to the final tally of those affected by the US-government exacerbated drought.