Dutch Police Heard About Involvement by Skull & Bones in Drug Conspiracy

It was the 8th of January, 2013, and Abreu Report was just beginning to get the keys hot on our typewriter. Words that we exchanged with an old lover, and the passing of draconian laws which gave our President Barack Obama essentially dictatorial powers, showed us a dark vision of the future, one in which excursions by the Russians into foreign soil would be unchallenged by the US, with Bonesman John Kerry setting the stage set for a new Cold War. 
The original CIA drug traffickers. WKM

We knew that our January 8 article would elicit stern consequences, and within four days the apartment of our editor-in-chief was raided by the Dutch police. 

At the time, our editor-in-chief was subletting to some individuals who basically took advantage of his easy-going attitude, so writing that article about his fuck buddy in Skull & Bones was basically a test of the dangers facing us. 

Or January 8 article eventually served as the lubricant for an unlawful eviction by proxy with a subsequent home invasion not just by the police, but also by another individual who may have been paid to destroy everything the police left behind. Within 4 days of criticizing Skull & Bones, our editor-in-chief was on the streets of the Netherlands without documents, trying to file a police report but being turned away by belligerent cops; even his cell phone was deactivated. 

Within a few months of the raid, the police called up our editor to hear his side of the story, where they asked him to speculate as to whom may have done this to him. Our editor told the police: "I wrote an article 4 days before all this happened to me: My Fuck Buddy was in Skull & Bones."

The policewoman asked: "Who are they?"

He responded: "A secret society at Yale."

The policewoman presumed our editor was creating an elaborate story, and she decided to add to the statement and to side against him, which is why today she has been demoted.

Eventually the case went to trial, since the police found a significant quantity of narcotics in the room of the subletters, but Skull & Bones was never brought up during trial. "It was pretty clear they didn't want me naming names, since my former associate at Skull & Bones had visited the apartment even while my subletters were, to our knowledge, possibly setting up a plantation in their room."