Cholera Outbreak Threatens US/Mexico Border Region

It's been more than half a decade since an earthquake leveled Haiti, setting up the perfect conditions for a cholera outbreak. The United Nations, itself responsible for bringing in the cholera, has so far failed to properly work on eradicating the killer disease. The Clinton Foundation, which promised to rebuild Haiti with international donations, instead squandered the money by providing corrupt contracts for cronies affiliated with the Clinton family.
Cholera: now endemic in Haiti. CD

With Haiti still in chaos, the United States has withdrawn support for the upcoming October elections, which like the elections earlier this year, will most certainly fail to fairly a elect a leader. 

In the same way that the earthquake provided the recipe for a cholera outbreak, the withdrawal of US support for Haiti's elections has now created a terrifying soup, one in which Haitians become the largest refugee group trying to enter the US through the Mexican border. 

Reports are already circulating that Haitians pretending to be from the Congo are making their way up Central America, trying to reach the United States. Although many would in the past head to Brazil, even those who are currently living in Brazil fear that the economic problems faced by the South American nation will force them to try and reach the United States. 

The wave of more-mobile Haitians from Brazil will make it easier for many on the island to flee to Central America. With famine also increasing, the number of those wanting to leave is increasing to the point that a visa is something people pray and offer sacrifices for at voodoo rituals.

The situation is so serious that the Dominican Republic, which shares a border with Haiti, is reporting a cholera outbreak on its border, with several already dead and the widespread fear that water sources could be contaminated. 

With Haiti on the verge of a second collapse, it may be too late before a wall stops a wave of migrants making their way across the Rio Grande and contaminating the entire US/Mexican border with cholera.