Combat on American Soil: US Enters Era of Domestic Drone Killings

In 2013, Senator Rand Paul asked the nation's then-Attorney General, Eric Holder, if the US government could use drones to kill US citizens on US soil. Answering in legalese, Mr. Holder informed Senator Paul that the US government could not kill US citizens "not engaged in combat on American soil." 

In regards to Mr. Holder's vague response about the government's power to deploy armed drones over American soil with the intent of eliminating US citizens, we wrote that the Justice Department's definition of the word "combat" was not specific, and could eventually be used to apply to any unlawful, armed activity against government operatives. 
Domestically acceptable in 2016. YNW

Our article came months before Edward Snowden fled to Russia, and we speculated:

"The fact alone that the executive branch thinks it can take out Americans not engaged in combat outside of American soil should be reason enough to worry that China and Russia will have precedent to in the future use drones on their dissidents and defectors. Though, at the rate things are going, soon the US itself may have dissidents and defectors."

And now the dark America which we predicted, one that subsists at a state of infra-civil war, has become a reality, with actions that in 2013 would have raised extreme concern, currently considered normal. 

With the latest attack on cops by a group of radicals, has the US government now codified the use of remotely-controlled machines to kill individuals, without even a concern for whether the individual killed represented an imminent, persistent threat. 

The decision to kill a cornered suspect in Dallas was made much in the same way that President Obama's National Security Council sits and decides that a US citizen in another part of the word has become a threat that needs to be eliminated by an armed drone piloted by faceless soldiers in the middle on the Nevada Desert. 

The 2016 elections so far are shaping out to be the most tense in recent history, and even mainstream newspapers are now openly declaring that the US is on the verge of civil war. 

Even if disturbances do not escalate beyond localized insurgencies against state government which are eventually crushed by the National Guard, we may very well see far more killings by robots and drones on American soil as society collapses from the weight of internal division and racial strife; and as the government increasingly attempts to make the 2nd Amendment irrelevant with the use of pervasive, draconian technology, it could just very well lead to the end of America as we knew her.